The Brotherhood of the Macarena creates its own television channel

The new means of communication brotherhood of the Macarena begins its broadcasts the night of this Thursday, October 20 with the first monthly program, a 90-minute space dedicated to reviewing the news of the corporation and which will begin after the streaming broadcast on the last day of the Triduum of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary.

Macarena Television will be broadcast through the profiles of the brotherhood on the video platforms of Youtube, Twitch and Facebook Live. In this sense, the future of the new medium is to create a digital tv app to install on any mobile device, screen or smart tv, according to the corporation of la madrugada in a press release.

The new medium will start with a basic programming gridthat will combine live broadcasts with other content already publishedculminating with a live monthly show 90 minutes long. From here, it will gradually increase its audiovisual offer until it has a daily grill.

To develop this new channel, the brotherhood will go hand in hand with Blogosur Communication Group as technological partner, a Sevillian audiovisual company with “proven experience in communication and content generation”. “They share with our brotherhood a bold vision and the conviction that it is possible to make a modern, agile, fun Macarena Television that helps the Brotherhood to develop its essential purposes”highlights the older brother, Jose Antonio Fernandez Cabrero.

In the presentation of Macarena Televisión, the older brother indicated that this new means of communication “was born with the will to service to brothersdesire for universality and evangelizing mission. It is a new voice that our brotherhood adds to those it already has to tell, inform, train, entertain, disseminate, fraternize, evangelize and project hope to all corners of the planet.”

The Brotherhood of the Macarena creates its own television channel