The best films of Marina Foïs

Discovered as a member of Les Robins des Bois, Marina Foïs has gradually become an indispensable actress, alternating without any difficulty unbridled comedies and absolute dramas. Like these two films coming out on DVD these days: the oppressive thriller As Bestas and the horrifying farce The Year of the Shark.

The infernal Montparnasse Tower (2001)

Marina Fois has already several supporting roles to his credit for half a dozen years and gained notoriety thanks to Robin Hoodwhen she turns the first female role of the comedy The infernal Montparnasse Tower. She replies to two other comedy stars, Éric and Ramzy, in this parody of disaster films. She will be back in the sequel, Infernal Control Tower 215 years later.

RRRrrr!!! (2004)

RRRrrr!!!  - 1In front of the cameraAlain Chabatthe Robin Hoods put a (temporary?) end to their absurd adventures with the prehistoric film RRRrrr!!! who is eyeing Monty Python. Marina Foïs is Guy, a spy from the Dirty Hair tribe, sent to investigate Clean Hair to find out their hair secrets. The film sold over 1.5 million and has since gained cult status. Especially when it’s going to be pitch black.

Darling (2007)

Darling DVD - 1Before Darlingby Christine Carriere, Marina Foïs had only made a few forays into the drama. There, she shows the full extent of her acting palette by playing a woman beaten by her Guillaume Canet of husband. A poignant adaptation of the eponymous novel by Jean Teule and the first strong role in a long series for Marina, who has become one of our greatest actresses between two comedies, with a first César nomination at stake.

Mom or Dad (2015)

Mom or Dad - Mom or Dad - 1Marina Fois and Laurent Lafittefell in love and had three children. But now, it’s the divorce and neither of them wants to recover custody. All shots will therefore be allowed to disgust their offspring to choose one side or the other.Mom or Dad is a cowardly and enjoyable comedy that shatters family values. Success obliges, a sequel will see the light of day the following year, Dad or Mom 2equally politically incorrect.

Impeccable (2016)

Flawless DVD - 1An unemployed real estate agent is ready for all possible abuses in order to obtain the position she is seeking and to dismiss a competitor, who is much younger and pretty. Impeccable begins as a drama of everyday life before branching off little by little into an unhealthy thriller, with a Marina Foïs who gradually transforms into an implacable being, devoid of feelings. Chilling.

An intimate conviction (2019)

An intimate conviction DVD - 1An intimate convictionmixes fiction and real facts. To deal with the Suzanne Viguier Affair which had hit the headlines and resulted in the acquittal of the accused of the murder of his wife, director Antoine Raimbault has the main protagonists interact with a fictional jury member who wants to fight a possible injustice. The latter is embodied by Marina Foïs who harasses master Éric Dupond-Moretti (alias Olivier Gourmet) to take up the defense of the accused during his appeal trial. A breathless quest for the truth from start to finish.

Huge (2020)

Huge DVD - 1Under the guise of comedy (ultimately rather dramatic), Huge talks about a subject that is rarely discussed: a woman’s non-desire for a child and quite the opposite in her companion who does everything to make her fall pregnant at his expense. jonathan cohentherefore puts Marina Foïs, a recognized pianist, in a delicate position. The film caused a mini-scandal when it was released and won the Jean-Vigo prize.

The divide (2021)

The Blu-ray Divide - 1Virulent social criticism against the public hospital in full decline, The divide alternates shock scenes and moments of comedy. It is also a love story on hold between Marina Foïs and Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, the latter having just broken her arm in the middle of a demonstration of the Yellow Vests. Marina Foïs is on edge there, between indifference, vehemence and passion, witnessing the general chaos before participating in it in her turn.

As Bestas (2022)

As Bestas DVD - 1As Bestas DVD - 1Next to Denis MenochetMarina Foïs embodies a French woman living in a village in Galicia, who will come up against the harshness of the inhabitants. As Bestas is a country thriller shot in both Spanish and French, veering increasingly oppressive. Marina Foïs is imperial as a protective woman, sometimes frightened, sometimes frightening, ready to do battle to discover the truth about the unspeakable. Future Caesar in sight? It would be time…

year of the shark (2022)

Year of the Shark Blu-ray - 1Jaws French version. In the same vein as Teddy by the same Boukherma brothers, a werewolf film set in the south of France, The Year of the Shark plunges us into a Cap Ferret threatened by a shark hungry for human flesh. Fortunately, Marina Foïs and her brigade of maritime gendarmes will keep an eye on the grain and go hunting for the big game. A horror comedy that skilfully turns into a social chronicle.

The best films of Marina Foïs – L’Éclaireur Fnac