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DONNAS – The concert of the musical band kicks off, at 9 pm, in the Bec Renon hall, the 50th edition of the Chestnut Festival.


AOSTA – The Splendor theater welcomes, at 8.30 pm, with Paolo Crepet who, for the occasion, will present his latest book “Lezioni di Sogni” to the public. Participants will then have the opportunity to dialogue with the author, psychiatrist and sociologist who with his book gives ideas and provocations on parenting, school and the relationship between generations, as well as providing an important opportunity to reflect on the future. of the younger generations.

DONNAS – In the Bec Renon lounge we dance at 9 pm with Radio Quincy.

JOVENCAN – At the old cemetery Les Adm, the concert of Elis Prodon and Paola Mei / Jazz Ladies, Fabio Gorlier piano, Davide Liberti double bass, Gianpaolo Petrini drums are staged at 9pm. Two repertoires and two very different great authors, with arrangements created ad hoc for the voices of Elis and Paola.

SAINT-CHRISTOPHE – In the conference room of the library, at 8.45 pm, we will talk about the conservation of autumn garden products with Alessandro Neyroz.

VALTOURNENCHE – The council chamber hosts, at 9 pm, the presentation of the book The balance of the fireflies by Valeria Tron. The event will see the participation of the singer-songwriter Maura Susanna.


DONNAS – For the Chestnut Festival dinner, at 7 pm in the Bec Renon lounge, with Bavarian specialties washed down with good beer, all accompanied by the music of the Summer orchestra.

FENIS – In the equipped area Tzanté de Bouva a disco evening with Discoevolvo is scheduled at 10.30 pm. prologue to the Chestnut Festival.

JOVENCAN – The old cemetery Les Adam hosted, at 6.30 pm, the concert of the CantoLeggero choir.

MORGEX – The Auditorium hosts, at 8.30 pm, the video projection of the Desarpa and the performance of the Esprit Domaine choir.


ANTEY-SAINT-ANDRE – It’s time for Mele Vallée with the display and sale of apples from 10 to 17 in Piazza Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto; at 3 pm the conference An apple a day keeps the doctor away is scheduled, whose speakers are François Marie Péaquin and Vasco Merciadri; at 18 there is an aperitif in music.

AOSTA – It’s Aosta Pride time. The parade starts at 2.30 pm from Piazza Cavalieri in Vittorio Veneto, it will go along via Torino, and then arrive at the Arch of Augustus, one of the symbols of the city. It will then continue along the Buthier stream, viale Federico Chabod, and then turn onto corso Padre Lorenzo, via Xavier de Maistre, to finish in piazza Emile Chanoux.

AOSTA – The reading group dedicated to illustrative books, aimed at parents, grandparents, teachers and illustrative reading enthusiasts, returns to meet in Piazza Chanoux, at 2.30 pm, followed by Dr. Nicole Decurti.

BARD – The Opera Mortai auditorium hosts, at 4 pm, the screening of the film Le temps d’une vie by Anne and Eril Lapied starring the ibexes of the Gran Paradiso National Park.

BARD – It opens its doors at 9 am and closes at 6.30 pm Marché au Fort, the large exhibition-market dedicated to food and wine and the sale of typical Aosta Valley products. At 8 pm in the spaces of the “La Polveriera” restaurant, a dinner is scheduled with typical local dishes paired with the wines of the “Pianta Grossa” farm in Donnas; the owner Luciano Zoppo Ronzero will present the combinations during the evening.

CHATILLON – The colors and the light of autumn are the background to the concert of the British singer-songwriter Tom Walker at Promiod-Nissod at 12.

DONNAS – For the Chestnut Festival, at 5 pm, we go to discover the town and dance in the Bec Renon hall, from 9.30 pm, with the orchestra Our valleys.

FENIS – In the Tzanté de Bouva equipped area, a dance evening with the I Summer orchestra is scheduled at 9.30 pm and the election of Miss and Mister Riccio at 24.

GRESSONEY-SAINT-JEAN – In the hamlet of Zer Miele, the market of small producers of Lys is set up from 10 to 13 with their vegetables, fruits, jams and honey, artisan bread and baked goods, mountain cheeses, sweets and Biscuits.

INTROD – From 19 to 21.30 every half hour, La Nuit des Temps – Avant première at Maison Bruil is staged, a journey into the history of the Aosta Valley made up of small details that are rediscovered every year, from the detail in the costume to the study of the final tasting.

JOVENCAN – The old cemetery Les Adam is the setting, at 6.30 pm, the show Okan Ile (which in Yoruba language means ‘the house of the heart’) is a journey into the Afro-Cuban tradition, between songs, rhythms and dances, from sacred to the profane, from religiosity to the ‘calle’, in that atmosphere steeped in spirituality and celebration typical of the island of Cuba.

MORGEX – A market of dairy products linked to Désarpa de Mordzëi will be set up from 9 to 19; at 10 there is How is Fontina produced? Small demonstration workshop; at 12.30 arrival of the herds at the sports field and lunch; at 3.30 pm parade of cattle in the streets of the center; at 9.30 pm evening with DJ Fosforo at the sports field. QUART – The goats descend into the arena at 1.30pm.

QUART – The Grosjean Wine Trail is scheduled, a competition that develops among the vineyards in the area in the hamlet of Ollignan. Departure at 10.30; food and wine walk 10.45am and young trail at 2.30pm.


AOSTA – The former Puchoz stadium is the setting, from 11 to 17, a day, aimed in particular at children between 11 and 16 years, which provides for the presence of various sports activities, coordinated by the Valdostana Paraplegics Association, including spinning, mountain biking, fit box, jujitsu, basketball and archery.

ANTEY-SAINT-ANDRE – It’s time for Mele Vallée with the setting up of the apple market, 0 km products and handicrafts, at 11.30, at 14 and at 16.30 Mago contini performs a fun show of prestidigitation.

BARD – Opens its doors at 9 am and closes at 6.30 pm Marché au Fort, the large exhibition-market dedicated to food and wine and the sale of typical Aosta Valley products.

COGNE – exhibition of the Valle d’Aosta children’s folk groups in Piazza Chanoux at 10.30 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Lou Tintamaro Enfants. Les Badochys of Courmayeur, the Comité des Traditions Valdotaines, the folkloristic group of Gressoney, iFiour di Moun di Lillianes and Les Sallerein will perform. With the participation of La Gaie Famille of Charvensod and Li Tsoque d’Ayas.

DONNAS – The Chestnut Festival is celebrated in the Bec Renon hall with a typical Aosta Valley lunch at 12, followed by roasting chestnuts from 2 pm, the children’s show, at 4.30 pm, The Bremen Town Musicians and, at 5 pm, the awards with the assignment of the Golden Chestnut.

FENIS – The Chestnut Festival is staged at Tzanté de Bouva from 2 pm with musical entertainment with the Philharmonic Society of Fénis and at 3 pm dancing with the village boys at 3 pm.

GRESSAN – The cows cross their horns at 12.30.

MORGEX – Guided tour of the barn, at 9.30, for the exit of the cattle to the autumn pasture. Reservations required Pro loco 347 9638343.