The 8 powers we envy good Disney characters

Sorcerers, witches, princesses and Disney fairies, what is the power that you have so envied of your favorite characters? We list you the 8 that we wish we all had.

THE disney characters they are among the most powerful of all time. There Mickey Mouse house she is no stranger to giving characters superpowers or magical abilities and it must be said that many of them possess a truly unlimited amount. Whether they use it for good or bad purposes, well, that’s totally up to their discretion. However, in this article we will focus on the positive characters and not on the classic villains, who certainly boast more fascinating powers, but used in a negative way. Within this ranking of the powers that we most envy the Disney protagonists, you will also find some princesses, usually known for other qualities than their magical abilities. Disney human female characters, to be defined as “princess” must meet some requirements and having powers is not one of them, nevertheless some of them do and this makes their stories even more interesting.

Here are the 8 powers we envy good Disney characters

1. Grant every wish as the Genie’s Lamp Aladdinthis is one of the powers to envy Disney characters!

The phenomenal cosmic powers and tiny living space are a great way to sum up the amazing abilities of the Genius of Aladdin. Even if it sets some conditions and requires some compromises, these do not represent limitations on its powers but are to be considered more as a sort of code of conduct. That said, if genius possesses the ability to fulfill any wish aside from his three caveats, that potentially means he has unlimited, unmeasurable power, limited only by his own moral compass. Like all the characters in this article, the Genius is one of the positive ones, who are always on the side of good. Aladdin was by all accounts a more than lucky boy to find a friend like him. After all, who wouldn’t want to have the skills of the Genie and fulfill the wishes not only of his own but also of the people he loves?!

2. Fly like Peter Pan in the Disney animated classic

You can fly, you can fly, you can fly!” Beyond the myth of eternal youth, one of the things that most conquers the character of Peter Pan is the power to fly. Our young friend can roam freely in the London sky by flying, even reaching places usually impossible for ordinary people, such as the Big Ben clock in the English capital. There’s more: Peter can not only fly but, by deciding to spend the rest of his life in Neverland, he also has the gift of not getting old and staying young forever. On the other hand, if you think about it, we all dream of flying as children, while as adults we often dream of wanting to be children again and never grow old. Peter Pan’s powers make everyone agree.

3. Merlin’s magical abilities ne Sword Noshe Rock among the powers to be envied by Disney characters

He may be an absent-minded eccentric, but Merlin is, as he admits, the most powerful wizard in the world. If viewers immediately recognize a wizard by the hat he wears, then that’s definitely Merlin, and it’s even likely that he’s Walt Disney’s version of the character. Right from the start, Merlin demonstrates typical magical abilities such as the manipulation of the elements, transfiguration, teleportation and some other magical skills also taught at Hogwarts; his mastery of them is indisputable. He could use them mainly for comic effect of course, but the end of the famous duel with Maga Maga shows how cunning, cunning and creative this wise old wizard can be.

4. Manipulating water and ice like Elsa in frozen

Elsa demonstrates powerful magical abilities from a young age. In frozen, it’s clear that Elsa’s control over her power is directly related to the amount of control she has over her own emotions. If Elsa is in a high emotional state, she can freeze entire landscapes without even realizing what she has done. Fortunately, Elsa learns to control her powers and open her heart to love by the end of frozenwhile frozen 2 explains that the source of Elsa’s power is her identity as a magical spirit (known simply as “the fifth spirit”) along with fire, water, earth, and air.

Elsa can freeze, melt, and move very large bodies of water and ice. The protagonist of Frozen freezes the fjord surrounding Arendelle and, later, a rushing torrent unleashed by a broken dam. Both times Elsa freezes massive amounts of water, she also demonstrates that she is able to reverse these effects and melt the ice. And when Elsa discovers that Olaf has melted, she retrieves his watery remains (or his “memory”) from a distant waterfall and brings him back to Arendelle – still in water form – proving that she can control both water and water. that ice.

5. The simple, yet functional powers of the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella and of Flora, Fauna and Serenella ne The Sleeping Beauty

Do you wish your ordinary night could turn into a dreamy and memorable relationship? Just summon your trusted fairy godmother. Includes pumpkins that transform into props, mice that transform into horses, and rags that transform into gorgeous, glittery dresses. Who wouldn’t want to have the powers of the mythical Fairy Godmother of Cinderella. His magical abilities are simple, but extremely fascinating for muggles like us. Same thing goes for the three fairies de The Sleeping Beauty, Flora, Fauna and Serenella: it’s impossible not to love this magical little trio. These fairies not only showed us how to use their powers for good, they also proved that cooking and dressing up are much more fun when you have magic at your disposal.

6. Rafiki’s spiritual powers ne The Lion Kingamong the powers to be envied by Disney characters

Anyone who can summon the spirits of dead kings certainly has some charm, and Rafiki de The Lion King particularly serious practice of spells, probably also imbued with voodoo. What earns him a place on the list is the strange ambiguity of his powers of him, it’s not just about what he can do, but also what he might do. Rafiki may be a medium at his base level, but there’s no denying his shamanic influences or how powerful he can be. He can communicate with the dead, interpret prophecies and sometimes evoke the elements of nature. With these abilities, Simba must be grateful enough to be on his side.

7. Being able to communicate with spirits and nature like Pocahontas

Pocahontas is the daughter of Chief Powhatan, the leader of a Native American tribe, therefore it is possible to consider her a royal. Pocahontas’ powers are related to shamanism, as he displays the ability to communicate with spirits, connect with nature, empathize with animals, and understand other languages. It is unknown if these are abilities unique to the tribe or if they are the only one born with powers. Surely if she hadn’t had these skills, it would have been impossible for her to communicate with her two animal friends, the raccoon Meeko and the green hummingbird Flit, just as it would have been impossible to communicate with her beloved Grandma Willow. The girl’s powers are fascinating and many would like to have them even if only for a minute to be able to return to conversation with a loved one who is no longer there.

8. Rapunzel’s magical hair is one of the powers that Disney characters have to envy

Rapunzel made her debut in the animated film of the same name and immediately presented her powers to us, obviously linked to her long golden hair. He can use them as if they were a rope, to grab and manipulate objects and even to swing. The protagonist’s hair can also heal minor and mortal wounds through the power of the healing spell (which her tears are also able to do, although it is not clear if this is a once in a lifetime event she). These powers unfortunately disappear when Eugene cuts the primary source of all this energy, her hair, at the end of the film, but it remains to be seen if her tears have the same power.

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The 8 powers we envy good Disney characters