The 3 dating trends that promise to mark 2022

By Celine Pastezeur

– Published on 02 Jan 2023 at 11:34

What are the elements that promise to mark relations in 2023? To answer this question, happn presents its annual observatory on dating (but not only romantic encounters), designed in collaboration with the trends and forecasting agency NellyRodi.

The editorial staff of Air of melty has told you a lot about it in recent months, the young generation does almost nothing like its elders and this is found in particular in its way of seducing and flirting. This has been well noticed over the past year, with no less than 10 dating trends that marked the way of flirting of Generation Z. And that without counting more special tendencies like bae-realing, eco-dumping And much more. If you’re wondering how younger generation romances promise to evolve over the coming months, good news: the dating app happn has just presented its annual observatory on dating (but not only romantic encounters), designed in collaboration with the trends and forecasting agency NellyRodi, known for its analyzes of new uses and behaviors. The attitudes, codes and expressions of the encounters that will make 2023 are analyzed there; with more specifically a decryption of 3 strong trends: “My, my rules”, “It’s all about feelings”, “Dating is Magic”. But what do these three expressions actually hide?

In a nutshell, according to Happn, the watchword for 2023 in terms of seduction should be “Re-Set”. Clearly, after a hectic year marked by a heavy economic context, everyone reinvents their daily lives to reconnect in a conscious, voluntary and rational way to the world around them, starting with the human. In this context, the trend “My, my rules” refers to the fact that, to put the odds on your side, nothing is left to chance. Make way for dating under control. Singles are above all looking for THE right person who, far from being an abstract concept, is illustrated in a list of criteria on which they can be intransigent… even if it means being too much sometimes. They dream of the person with whom they will crush 100%, the one who will look like them or on the contrary the one who will complete them, until they become a true life partner. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to find it. Clearly, we do not fall for the first comer just not to be alone. For its part, “It’s all about feelings” highlights the fact that single people want healthy relationships above all.. Say goodbye to toxicity!

“Guided by the ambition to build balanced relationships that respect each person’s functioning, they rely on the links between psychology and love to better understand the behaviors to adopt. These sensitive people look like therapists, thus deconstructing power relations or any other behavior that they would consider ‘toxic’. They are those who reconcile wisdom and emotion, put the cursor back on the sensitive and trace the path of enlightened relationships », says Happn. Finally, last trend and not least, singles will seek to add a touch of spark to their encounters, to make dating more “magical”. For many people, spirituality appears as a new ingredient as valid as social or psychological compatibility. She reassures; it adds a hint of sparks to the encounter; it allows you to put all the chances on your side. In any case, there is something pleasant about relying on signs or rituals, whatever they are… and even choosing the ones you want! All of these practices make it possible to create good conditions to give the relationship a chance… quite simply because they help us to believe in it. With all this, the year 2023 promises to be full of love, right?

The 3 dating trends that promise to mark 2022 – AIR OF MELTY The 3 dating trends that promise to mark 2022