The 2022 tattoo trend across 7 distinct styles that promise to continue their upward momentum

Tattoos have never been more popular than in recent years! And it’s actually not too surprising, given that it is an art form accessible to a large number of people that is at the same time personal and customizable. Ancient and modern at the same time, the tattoo art does not stop evolving and the individuals fascinated by it are always more numerous. Looking for inspiration for yours? Or have you not yet found a style that impresses you enough? Whatever your case, today we come to give you a hand. We have decided to present to you our compilation of ideas on the trending 2022 tattoo for men and women.

6 Trending 2022 Tattoo Styles That Will Last

Be that as it may, we must admit that the beautiful facets of the 2022 trendy tattoo are counted by the dozens. With the emphasis on individualism, one can confidently declare that each design is a unique style in itself. However, some tattoos share common traits and, for your convenience, we have broken down our selection of 20 absolutely fabulous proposals into 6 self-contained categories.

We have micro-realism in our skin!

tattoo ideas 2022 trend microrealistic style symbols meanings

We start with one of the most difficult styles of tattoos to achieve, but also the most impressive. Yes, it is indeed micro-realism! These are sometimes quite complex drawings whose size is not normally large, but the details are frankly amazing! The arts are the most common source of inspiration behind this type of 2022 tattoo trend which will, no doubt, continue to be all the rage in 2023.

Macabre background microrealistic landscape inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting

tattoo 2022 trend microrealism van gogh starry night chart

Stephen King’s horror novel ‘It’ and the movie of the same name guided this stunning design

tattoo 2022 trending microrealism ca movie novel horror stephen king

Abstract art in tattoo 2022 trend

tattoo idea 2022 trend chemical formula watercolor background abstract style

Abstractions are another important muse when talking about the 2022 tattoo trend. Certainly, there are all kinds and their interpretations are almost uncountable. Fuzzy, occasionally barely present lines, symbols with deep individual meaning and decidedly artistic depictions are just three of their absolutely fascinating typical features.

The meanings of abstractions are deep, personal and indecipherable by others

tattoo idea 2022 trend abstract art individual associations meaning

Portrait in artistic and very original graphite pencil with scribbles and colored touches

tattoo 2022 trend abstract art portrait woman pencil graphite scribble

colorful tattoo styles

tattoo 2022 trend color shoulder arm woman ethnic embroidery

The colorful tattoo is super popular during the current year and it comes in many different styles from each other. Inspired by distant ethnic embroideries, imitating watercolor works, inspired by the aesthetics of oldschool tattoos or simply pigmented without parsimony, it is anything but banal and bland. Bear in mind that the color tattoo is well visible, but when its size is relatively modest.

Flowers look even more attractive when their colors are saturated

tattoo 2022 trend color forearm handle woman flower

Marriage of fabulous pigments, watercolor effect and interesting abstractions

tattoo 2022 trendy abstract colorful watercolor effect

The 2022 tattoo trend in dotwork style

tattoo trend 2022 man woman pointilism style dotwork arm

Anyone interested in tattoos knows very well that the so-called dotwork style is not new. But it won’t go out of fashion in the near future either and that’s why we had to mention it in our current list at all costs. If you don’t know the concept, these are more or less complex designs with certain contours and fillings made in several small dots.

A superb mix of pointillism, abstractions and inspirational quotes

tattoo 2022 trend woman dotwork style abstract symbols quotes

Shoulder mandala and other repeating patterns made via millions of microscopic dots

tattoo trend 2022 dotwork style pointilism full arm man

The spiritual tattoos that protect us

tattoo 2022 spiritual trend protective tattoo buddhist symbols

In Europe, during the 80s and 90s, it was the cross that had the monopoly on indelible religious symbols. But the trendy 2022 tattoo turns out to be much more flexible and creative in terms of spiritual symbols. Except Buddhism, prolific in powerful symbolic signs, we see several protective tattoos related to faith and spiritual life as a whole. Hand of Fatima, Blue Eye, Lotus and Icelandic Vegvesir are just a few.

Symbol of devotion and purity, the lotus flower is loved by many tattooed girls

tattoo 2022 trend spiritual style lotus symbol protection tattoo

The butterfly can represent metamorphosis, often spiritual

tattoo 2022 trend style abstract spiritual symbols protection tattoo

The Polynesian tribal “Marquesan tattoo”

tattoo styles 2022 Marquesan trend Polynesian tattoo Marquesan Islands

The English-speaking people call them “Marquesan tattoo”, which means tattoo of the Marquesas Islands. Obviously, it is indeed the Polynesian tribal tattoo which is not at all a recent phenomenon. The so-called traditional “tatau” abounds in singular or repetitive stylized patterns and guys (but not only) love to take advantage of it to adorn their arms, shoulders and legs, among other things.

‘Spearhead’ and ‘Shark’s Teeth’ interlacing looks great as a headline

tattoo 2022 trend arm man Marquesan polynesian tattoo marquises islands

The turtle, ray, lizard and shark are among the popular symbolic animals

Tattoo 2022 trend biceps man Marquesan tattoo Marquesas Islands Polynesian style

The 2022 tattoo trend across 7 distinct styles that promise to continue their upward momentum