Test The Quarry: the spiritual sequel to Until Dawn promises a horrific summer

This Friday, June 10, 2022 was released The Quarry. Published by 2K and developed by Supermassive Games, The Quarry is a narrative horror game halfway between a movie and a video game. Controller in hand, you will therefore have to help the characters to make decisions, good or bad, while taking part in generally decisive QTE phases. We have the opportunity to test the game, the opportunity for us to share our verdict with you.

the worthy successor to until dawn?

Since 2015 and Until Dawn, Supermassive Games has continued to bathe in horror. A tribute to the slashers of the 90s that quickly seduced, presenting itself as a staple of the genre, paving the way for a new genre, that of horrific narrative games. A few years later, the British studio presents The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medanthe first part of a octalogy whose first three parts are already available, and whose fourth opus, baptized The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Medue out later this year.

Departing from the adventure of its anthology, Supermassive Games once again adopts the codes ofUntil Dawn with The Quarry, a horrific adventure that leaves no room for boredom. The realization enjoys a scenario close to cult slashers: a group of nine Scouters find themselves stranded at Hackett’s Quarry on the last day of their summer camp, as a threat looms on the horizon. And likeUntil Dawn, Supermassive Games relies on a cast of Hollywood actors with David Arquette, Ariel Winter, Justice Smith, Brenda Song, Lance Henriksen, Lin Shaye and Ted Raimi. Names sometimes tied to horror franchises like Arquette and ScreamHenriksen and Aliens and Shaye and Insidious.

And from its first minutes, Until Dawn sets the tone. In the middle of the forest, one full moon night, two of the characters find themselves forced to swerve, propelling them into the forest. The atmosphere is set, the staging is successful, the anxiety can then grow little by little, before being replaced in the second time for a time, that of a welcome introduction presenting the characters, their relationships and their personalities. . Alone or with others, it’s up to you to gauge the character of your character to direct it towards choices that they will have adopted naturally or not.

a well thought out rhythm

After the prologue of this episode, The Quarry takes the time to develop its protagonists. Two months have passed since the incident in the woods and the disappearance of the two characters and little by little, Supermassive Games will increase the pressure. Shady individuals will slowly emerge on the horizon. Dark purpose? Willingness to help? Difficult to identify them. A pace that accelerates as the adventure progresses, especially with the introduction of QTE sequences that are not very forgiving. And with The QuarrySupermassive Games seeks to speak to all audiences. Thus, only the joystick is to be manipulated in time most of the time.

However, there are times when the game will test your gun-in-hand dexterity. Shooting phases that will also test your logic, asking you to make a decision quickly: should you shoot, or not? It’s up to you to make a decision quickly, the life of your characters may depend on it. Because yes, in The Quarryand as with any good slasher, bloodshed rains down, heads roll (literally), and tough showdowns abound. An interactive film that does not let you let go of the controller, however, through sequences that follow one another more and more quickly, in order to maintain a steady pace for a story that you will end up weaving little by little.

A scenario that benefits from a few twists but remains very predictable from the start. In terms of graphics, the game runs extremely well on PlayStation 5. The atmosphere is convincing, thanks to a quality artistic direction, a sound design with little onions and a successful modeling. The faces have nothing to envy to the big productions of the moment, despite some garish features during the dialogues, which are more akin to grimaces than to real natural movements. Despite everything, for the most part, the facial animations are successful and testify above all to the know-how of the studio, the level of which continues to progress over the productions.

Of course, what would a slasher be without its spectacular deaths. And as for Until Dawn, The Quarry asks you to survive until dawn, while letting you face more or less supernatural threats. And when you finish the game for the first time, you can try the adventure again with the return before death system, which offers you three opportunities to challenge the grim reaper. Try to personalize your game as well as possible, based on the advice of the seer, a particular character who will read your tarot cards found throughout your journey, before offering to read your future in his crystal ball. A future that is not set in stone and that can change dramatically.


Positive point for The Quarryhis characters possess roughly equal screen time. But with 8 playable characters, it’s hard to give them the same attention. Nevertheless, the British studio manages with The Quarry to offer an adventure where the protagonists all matter in their own way, thus bringing great value to characters whose character is nevertheless more erased.

With its memorable atmosphere, its well-defined characters, varied but clichéd, with successful animations, its well-paced gameplay and its pleasant but predictable scenario, The Quarry Still ranks as one of the best narrative horror games. A production worthy of Supermassive Games, which delivers here a quality product, which will not fail to occupy you for a few hours (count about 9 hours for a first part), before being relaunched from time to time to pierce the still hidden aspects . A bird of good omen for the future, and in particular The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Mestill planned for this year.

Test The Quarry: the spiritual sequel to Until Dawn promises a horrific summer