Television of the Macarena brotherhood is born




Macarena Televisión is born, the new communication medium of the Good Friday Morning corporation, which begins its broadcasts on the night of this Thursday, October 20 with the first monthly program, a 90-minute space dedicated to reviewing current affairs of the corporation and that will begin after the streaming broadcast of the last day of the triduum of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary. It will be broadcast through the profiles of the brotherhood on the video platforms of Youtube, Twitch and Facebook Live. In the future, it will be about creating a digital television application to install on any mobile device, screen or smart tv.

The objective of Macarena Televisión is to be a half self-sufficientfunded through sponsorships and collaborating brands with the brotherhood.

The new medium will begin with a basic programming grid, which will combine live broadcasts with other content already published, culminating with a 90 minute live monthly show of duration. From here, it will gradually increase its audiovisual offer until it has a daily grill. To develop this new channel, La Macarena has been accompanied by Grupo Blogosur Comunicación as a technological partner, a Sevillian audiovisual company with proven experience in communication and content generation.

The older brother, José Antonio Fernández Cabrero, stressed that “the brotherhood and the company share a bold vision and the conviction that it is possible to make a modern, agile, fun Macarena Television that helps the corporation to develop its essential purposes”.

In addition, he has indicated that this new means of communication “was born with a desire to serve the brothers, a desire for universality and an evangelizing mission and is a new voice that adds to those it already has to tell, inform, train, entertain, disseminate, fraternize , evangelize and project hope to all corners of the planet. In this sense, he has pointed out that “not only will our brothers arrive, but they will inform people far from our corporation about our activity, our culture and our usefulness in the 21st century society”.


Macarena Televisión supposes, according to Cabrero, “a fidelity to our Macareno ancestors, who were always audacious and pioneering, using in each era the means at their disposal to magnify the brotherhood; and a response to the evangelical mandate -Go and announce the Gospel-, to the call of the Holy Father and of the Church to a new evangelization going out to the peripheries and looking for the furthest away and displaced”, who has abounded that “it will also be a tool at the service of the essential purposes of the corporation -worship, training and charity- as well as a vindication of our culture and idiosyncrasy through its dissemination and enhancement in audiovisual formats; In short, a universal window to Hope, which will be present in those places where it is so needed.

Finally, Fernández Cabrero has encouraged the brothers “to make this television their own and to consider it, in addition to a service and a communication tool, a platform to make known to society the best of our history, our culture, our spirituality and our daily activity” and stated that “it is a wonderful way of telling society, with current codes and new technologieswhat is the Macarena and how proud we are to feel macarenos, it is an instrument to leave the atrium and that people far from the corporation, both geographically and vitally, know it and are interested in it ».

For his part, the CEO of Grupo Blogosur Comunicación, Pepe Santos, specified that “the robotic cameras that we have installed and donated to the brotherhood are several of the latest generation. Specifically, Canon PTZ that close the distance with unprecedented clarity. Maximum quality, 20x optical zoom, hybrid autofocus, numerous control protocols and IP transmission, even with a view close to 360 degrees, simulating a cablecam in some planes. The objective was to go one step further in streaming daily masses and connect with the public and the brothers in a different and unprecedented way up to now”.

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Television of the Macarena brotherhood is born