Telenova migrates to channel 18 and renews itself

Telenova, the historic television broadcaster of Multimedia San Paolo srl, a company part of the San Paolo Editorial Group, moves from channel 14 to position 18 of digital terrestrial, following the gradual reorganization of television frequenciesand which takes the name of refarming. A technological process, envisaged by the National Frequency Allocation Plan of the Ministry of Economic Development, to abandon the frequencies of the 700 Mhz band which pass to mobile telephony for the 5G network.

Telenova, broadcast throughout Lombardy and eastern Piedmont, is already visible on digital terrestrial channel 18 in the provinces of Piacenza, Como, Varese and in the Lake Maggiore area. The migration will complete on March 8. To continue watching Telenova programs it will be necessary to re-tune the channels on your television.

Don Antonio Rizzolo, managing director of the San Paol Publishing Groupor, he commented: «The Society of St. Paul, to which our publishing group belongs, has been committed to evangelization and the dissemination of Christian values ​​through all the means of communication that technology makes available for over a hundred years. Telenova, as a family television, thanks to its information, sports and entertainment programs, contributes significantly to the realization of our mission”. “We feel very much the responsibility of entering our viewers’ homes every day, always maintaining autonomy, independence and objectivity,” added Don Antonio Rizzolo. «Through the new proposals introduced in the schedule, the desire to further grow this extraordinary broadcaster is strengthened, enhancing internal professionalism and increasingly attracting even a young audience. The fruitful collaboration with the Diocese of Milan also contributes to the success of Telenova, which takes the form of the production of highly appreciated broadcasts such as “The Church in the city”, conducted by Annamaria Braccini», concluded Don Antonio Rizzolo.

Don Roberto Ponti, sole director of Multimedia San Paolo, he declared: «I think that the new TV standard can offer the Pauline broadcaster happy technical developments. Above all, it will be the renewed synergy with all the realities of the Publishing Group that will bring about a wave of change. I ask the public to continue following us and I invite them to interact with our broadcasts and through all the social channels that will make our renewal known”.

Telenova, in view of the change of channel, is already renewing its schedule with the launch of some new programs. As for sport, alongside the always very popular live broadcasts of “Novastadio” with the presence of commentators such as Evaristo Beccalossi and Enzo Gambaro, the “Mezzogiorno di calcio” format was added from 7 February, broadcast from Monday to Friday at 12.30 . From 8 March “Junior goal” will start, a program designed for kids, broadcast every Tuesday at 18.00. The relaunch of the “Starting Grid” will begin on 10 March, a historic appointment with engines hosted by Riccardo Scarlato, scheduled for Thursdays at 21.00. The information programs continue, such as “Linea d’Ombra”, presented by Adriana Santacroce, a space dedicated to current affairs broadcast on Tuesdays and Fridays in prime time, and “Metropolis”, at the service of viewers, scheduled from Monday to Friday at 13.15. In the 6.00 pm slot, alongside “Il punto di luce”, a moment of reflection on faith broadcast every Thursday, new formats were added: “A trip with the archaeologist” conducted by Aristide Malnati (on Mondays); “Faces of hope” presented by Don Luigi Ginami which addresses social issues (Wednesdays); “Inside the wardrobe” space dedicated to the world of fashion (Fridays). For further information, consult the Telenova website.

Telenova migrates to channel 18 and renews itself