Strenne, from Giordano to Omero books under the tree Even the ‘Little things from nothing’ and the debut of Sheena Patel

Editorial cases, new discoveries, the return of the great classics, the charm and revisiting of the myths that young booktokers like so much.

It’s never easy to choose between real Christmas gifts and unmissable titles to put under the tree.

Here is a small book guide for Christmas 2022.

It takes us to Ireland, a few days before Christmas ‘ LITTLE THINGS FROM NOTHING ‘ (EINAUDI), the perfect story by Irishman CLAIRE KEEGAN who sees Bill Furlong, a coal and wood merchant busy making deliveries in the snow in farms and villages. Until, in the silent courtyard of a convent, he has an encounter that turns his life upside down. He, the son of a single mother, cannot turn away.

Book of the year for the Quality Ranking of ‘La Lettura’, ‘TASMANIA’ (EINAUDI) BY PAOLO GIORDANO evokes the atomic bomb.

The writer Strega prize in 2008 with his debut novel ‘The Solitude of Prime Numbers’ reconstructs the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, meets the last survivors in Japan, confronting us with the fears and uncertainties of the present on a journey where salvation is to be sought inside us. An intense, feverish friendship, always on the edge of a love story is what ANDREA DE CARLO tells us in ‘IO, JACK E DIO’ (THE SHIP OF THESEUS) where religion plays a fundamental role, the spirituality that all he beginning is an obstacle, a third wheel between the two protagonists.

Christmas can also be an opportunity to recover or discover the works of the Nobel Prize for Literature 2022 ANNIE ERNAUX. From ‘The place’ to ‘The years’ and from ‘Memory of a girl’ to ‘The event’ which became the film by Audrey Diwan that won the Golden Lion at the 2021 Venice Film Festival, there are eight books published in Italy by ORMA EDITORE.

The latest, recently released, is ‘IL RAGAZZO’ which also includes three speeches on writing, the condition of women and memory. Also in the bookstore is the first Italian biography of the writer, ‘ANNIE ERNAUX – PORTRAIT OF A LIFE’ (EDITIONS OF THE MERANGOLI) written by SARA DURANTINI.

Among the new voices that of SHEENA PATEL, born and raised in north-west London, with her dazzling debut ‘I FOLLOW YOU’ (BLU ATLANTIS) in which the obsessive passion and the deformed lens of social media merge into a writing that burns .

Commissioner Ricciardi is back and he is no longer what we knew, in the new novel, ‘Caminito’ (Einaudi) by Maurizio De Giovanni which also catapults us into another Italy, that of 1939. The perfect Christmas gift, fans will find the single father of Marta and grappling with the murder of a boy and a girl in a garden, killed when they were making love.

For thrill seekers, the first investigation by Nives Bonora, the courageous and passionate inspector created by CINZIA BOMOLL who in her first crime novel ‘THE GIRL WHO WASN’T THERE’ (PONTE ALLE GRAZIE) investigates a young girl who died for a ‘overdose in the lower Ferrara area.

Among the thrillers also ‘MY BOTTLE FOR THE OCEAN’ (AND/OR) by MICHEL BUSSI set on an island in French Polynesia where five aspiring female writers participate in a writing workshop held by a famous novelist who is assassinated.

And among the thrillers, the return of SANDRONE DAZIERI with THE EVIL THAT MEN DO (HARPERCOLLINS) with the policewoman Itala Caruso, known as the Queen, which revolves around the kidnapping of sixteen-year-old Amala Cavalcante, imprisoned in the basement of an old building.

The journey of Ulysses as you’ve never read it can be found in ODYSSEY (BLACKIE EDITIONS) in which the classic text of Homer, with the prose version of Samuel Butler and illustrations by Calpurnio, are accompanied by extracts from ‘The song of Penelope’ by Margaret Atwood, ‘A Posia by Dorothy Parker, ‘More News from Nowhere’ by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, ‘Penelope’s Web, or Who Deceives Who’ by Augusto Monterroso and ‘The Hypothesis’ by Guido Gozzano.

A few days before Christmas, ‘VINTAGE’ was inaugurated, a new series of classics of literature by Newton Compton, in precious editions within everyone’s reach (10 euros per volume), with among the first four titles: ‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen.

The incredible story of the letters of the alphabet can be found in ‘THE GIFT OF CADMO’ (BRIDGE TO THANKS) by ALESSANDRO MAGRINI who takes us on a fascinating journey, dedicating a chapter to each letter, from ancient Egypt to Phenicia to Greece to Rome .


Strenne, from Giordano to Omero books under the tree Even the ‘Little things from nothing’ and the debut of Sheena Patel – Radio Senise Centrale