Soleil Sorge Emotions Talking About Her Mother Wendy Kay: ‘She Had Breast Cancer Twice’

Interviewed by, Soleil Sorge spoke about her career, her desire to become a mother and the need to keep her relationship with Carlo Domingo private, with whom she is very much in love. Then, she was moved to talk about her mother’s battle with breast cancer.

Sun rises she told herself in a long interview given to Currently in the bookstore with The Manual of the Stronza, the influencer and presenter of GF Vip Party spoke about his careerof the private life and the love he feels for mother Wendywho is unfortunately battling breast cancer.

Soleil Sorge and the battle of mother Wendy Kay

Soleil Sorge and mother Wendy Kay

Soleil Sorge and mother Wendy Kay

The person Soleil Sorge considers the most important in her life is her mother Wendy Kay. Of her he said: “She’s my best friend, she’s the one who taught me strength, love, spirituality, she’s everything to me. She is the love of my life. A great mom, I couldn’t ask for a better one. After a teenage separation, I realized how important the presence of parents is and how much I always wanted more, because you never know when you might lose. This is very bad” Then, she was moved to talk about her mother’s fight against breast cancer:

In my mother’s case, we have been challenged many times in life because she has had breast cancer twice. And when I speak of strength, I also speak of the tenacity with which I have seen her face this disease and defeat it without a moment’s hesitation. Ok, the tear dropped.

Soleil also had beautiful words for her father: “In the early years of my life, I didn’t think we could get along so well because we have two very different characters. Today he is one of my best friends. I can’t wait to call him to tell him things, I consult him on my every choice, I try to spend as much time as possible with him. He is another great love of my life, besides my mother, he is the one who taught me the passion for travel, family values, determination, he taught me that necessity is virtue”.

Love with Carlo Domingo and the desire to become a mother

Carlo Domingo, Soleil Sorge's boyfriend

Carlo Domingo, Soleil Sorge’s boyfriend

As for love, Soleil Sorge said that after having had several media-exposed relationships, she realized she didn’t want her private life to become the subject of debate. Thus, she has decided to keep her affections of her confidential, provided that she is also respecting her in the relationship with Charles Domingowhich is careful not to mention:

I’ve had several relationships that have been discussed in the media, such as the one with Jeremias, who was born on the island, a wonderful relationship that we didn’t meet in everyday life. Growing up I realized that talking about my relationships doesn’t suit me. I have decided to keep my privacy that way. Such is my current boyfriend, if you can call it that, she is someone I am very much in love with. I also decided to abandon these labels, with Alex Belli we talked about free love. I’ve gotten to the point where I no longer want to define love in any way. I prefer to live it, just feel it.

Then she spoke of her desire to have children, but not right now because she couldn’t give them all the attention they deserve: “I would love to have children, I’ve always wanted to be a mother, I would like five. Now no one will marry me anymore. My life doesn’t allow me to have them right now. When you have children, you have to dedicate a lot of time and above all a lot of intention to them. I I waited to grow up and really feel like a woman. I wanted to wait to feel ready. Today I think I could be, but unfortunately the time factor, the person and the moment are missing. Not now, but in the future I will want it”.

Participation in Men and Women and Big Brother Vip

Luca Onestini and Soleil Rises to Men and Women

Luca Onestini and Soleil Rises to Men and Women

Finally, Soleil Sorge returned to talk about some of her experiences on TV. She recalled the participation in Men and Women, where she was the choice of Luca Onestini, but after the program she also had a relationship with Marco Cartasegna:

After a relationship that lasted two years, I thought I’d never find love again. I could no longer find anyone to excite me. I went there hesitant that I could find love. I even found two. It’s a program that reminded me to always let fate surprise me. In Men and Women I received for the first time, the bitch band on television.

Then, he recalled the months spent in the house of Big Brother Vip, as one of the “stronger experiences made in his life“: “It was a journey inside myself. Being closed within those walls, with so many daily roller coasters, heartbreaking episodes, endless clips, you never knew when the next confrontation would be around the corner, it took me inside, it made me reflect and get to know myself better. And I think it also made me known to the public, in a different and deeper way. And then it was very funny”. As for the edition of the reality show currently on the air, he commented:

This year I see many characters looking for dynamics, but I don’t see a real player, as some may have been defined last year. There are many interesting characters, wonderful stories, I find the cast colorful, to explore and get to know, but I don’t see a real protagonist.

Soleil Sorge Emotions Talking About Her Mother Wendy Kay: ‘She Had Breast Cancer Twice’