Six thousand unleashed in Versilia for Duran Duran and Bluvertigo

Hearts agitated sang Eros Ramazzotti in the years of the maximum fame of Duran Duran in Italy. For one night, in Lido di Camaiore, it seemed to be back in 1985, nothing apparently changed. The English quartet about to enter the Rock n ‘Roll Hall of Fame, the definitive consecration of a career over forty years, presented itself in excellent musical form to the Italian public. There was a lot of anticipation for this live of La Prima Estate, the festival that brought Duran and their Italian spiritual children, Bluvertigo, to the same stage. There was no close encounter as many hoped, but Morgan in his speech to the crowd (there were about 6 thousand, of every generation and origin) said: “We are like Dante and Virgil: one released from the river of the other, the Bluvertigo and Duran Duran ”.

Morgan and Andy of Bluvertigo in action in Lido di Camaiore. With them on stage also the electronic musician Megahertz.

This confession was enough to make the evening special. The Monza front-man did all he could to glue a band that hasn’t played together regularly for quite a while, there was some forgivable flaw. And for Bluvertigo there is certainly the reconfirmation of an acclaimed repertoire that in Italy at least at the compositional level, still has no equal. “I am as I am”, “The Crisis” and “Zero” do not demonstrate the two decades they have behind them. It is hoped that these illustrious precedents will lead to a flourishing of writing for Morgan, Livio, Andy and Sergio who deserve a fruitful second age.

At 10.30 pm then everyone off the stage to take back the masters with their mobile phones: Simon Le Bon, John Taylor (with new Dingwall basses that make the difference, Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor inaugurated the generous two-hour set with the sprint of ” The Wild Boys “.

The concert of the English band with their great hits that perfectly resist the passing of timealso had a moment of reflection when Simon Le Bon dedicated “Ordinary World” to the Ukrainian people: “Just as we thought that with Covid the nightmare was over comes to the unimaginable suffering of our friends in Ukraine”. Le Bon also stopped the beginning of the 1993 ballad to continue his meaningful and touching speech.

The third day of La Prima Estate, the festival for music lovers that D’Alessandro & Galli conceived and produced at the Bussola Park Tomorrow at the Lido di Camaiore in Versilia, yesterday saw a historical artistic combination that in some way also coincided in intent. Morgan confessed to the crowd at the end of the performance of “Decadenza”: “What a disappointment the decade of decadence, it seems to me that nothing has changed. In 30 years things have gotten worse ”.

While Duran Duran returned to Italy (yesterday was the only national date) on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of “Rio”, the album that sanctioned their great success from which they also reread the fan-favorite ” Hold Back The Rain ”as well as legendary singles such as” Save a Prayer ”,” Hungry Like The Wolf ”and” Rio ”.

Synth master of two generations: on the left Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran and on the right Andy of Bluvertigo. For the first time on the same stage

In some passages, especially of the new songs of “Future Past” the distances with Bluvertigo seemed to shorten. The intro of “Velvet Newton”, the power of “Tonight United” produced by Giorgio Moroder and greatly improved on a live scale, would look good on an electro-pop album of any current line-up with indie aspirations.

A sort of astral conjunction allowed us to come together to introduce live the band that most inspired us in our career”Said keyboardist Andy of Bluvertigo just before taking the stage. The Bluvertigo, led by Morgan, presented a reasoned lineup of their great hits of the 90s such as “Absinthe” “The Crisis” and “Other Forms of Life”, but also lesser known pieces to be rediscovered such as “As long as you know how to explain yourself “Or” Complicity “.

Bluvertigo, led by Morgan (in the photo the guitarist Livio Magnini), presented a reasoned lineup of their great hits of the 90s such as “Absinthe” “La Crisi” and “Altre Forme di Vita”, but also lesser known pieces and to be rediscovered as “As long as you know how to explain yourself” or “Complicity”.

Duran’s live set then exploded with great classics from “Notorious” to “Planet Earth” from “The Reflex” to “Save a Prayer”.

Simon Le Bon has repeatedly thanked the audience confessing how playing in Italy is a special event every time. The lead singer of the English band also gave a long introduction to one of their most intense songs “Ordinary world” dedicating it to the Ukrainian people “We must not give up hope and believe in mankind” declared Le Bon before singing it. The public welcomed the English band with great warmth and affection, also demonstrated by the many banners present in the front rows.

A tight lineup didn’t seem to affect the reinvigorated vocal qualities of 64-year-old Simon Le Bon next October. Unleashed audience of families (not only of blood) reunited after two years of distance and emotion in several areas of the park, including the usually staid VIP area. Thanks to a repertoire that has definitively spanned the generations. In some moments, like “Girls On Film” in medley with “Acceptable in the 80’s” the power of the music seemed to overwhelm the stamina of the passionate audience. To close an unforgettable evening the performance of “The Chauffeur”, “Save a Prayer”, the slow music of the 80s teenagers in Italy, “Rio”.

Before Bluvertigo, the English Easy Life, emerging name of English urban pop and the Italian Corasan featuring Niccolò Cesanelli performed.

Photoservice by Francesco Prandoni

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