Saturday the second edition of Ave Maris Stella

Thursday 3 November 2022 – 18:05

On Saturday 5 November, at 6 pm at the Sanctuary of Montenero, Vivi Montenero presents the research work on traditional sacred music. The initiative has the patronage of the Municipality and the Bishopric of Livorno

Given the success of the first edition of 9 July, the Association LiveMontenero is pleased to replicate the research work on traditional sacred music Ave Maris Stella, that the artists give from Montenero a replica to the whole city to allow the presence of those who could not participate for the first time. On Saturday 5 November at 6 pm, the research work on traditional sacred music Ave Maris Stella, Mediterranean Confessions will be presented at the Sanctuary of Montenero. The event, organized by the ViviMontenero Association, with the patronage of the Municipality of Livorno and the Vescovado of Livorno, was born from an idea by Stefano Thrull who collected songs of the sacred music tradition of the Mediterranean countries and highlighted the similarities, making use of the collaboration of Maestro Roberto Sbolci, a musician from Montenero who boasts illusory collaborations, including that with Maestro Ennio Morricone. . With the Modo Antiquo ensemble, specializing in the Renaissance and Baroque repertoire, Sbolci received two nominations at the Grammy Awards; he won music composition competitions for films at the Accademia Musicale Chigiana and his compositions have received international recognition. Maestro Sbolci and Thrull have conducted research have conducted research of great value in the field of traditional sacred music that, starting from the study of the ex-votos of the Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie, in particular those of the many sailors who over the centuries have escaped the dangers of the Mediterranean, highlight the profound connection between sea, storms and spirituality, metaphors of the world, of its evils and the search for salvation; These are the themes that animate the sacred music of tradition in every corner of the Mediterranean, dating back to distant times, and which, from Corsica to Sardinia, from Spain to Provence, echo in the words of popular songs sung by believers. Sara will deliberately interpret the selected songs, not professional singers, but passionate about traditional singing Donnini and Stefano Thrull, accompanied by the guitar of Maestro Sbolci and assisted by the voices of Lara Gallo and Riccardo Taddei. The leitmotif of this musical journey is the imaginary inner dialogue between the captain of a brig and the sea, a maternal figure that gives life but at the same time torments and induces to reflect on oneself and on the spirit, on the infinity that the sea has always been. evokes. At the end of the path, a composition by Maestro Sbolci will be performed inspired by the ex-votos of the Sanctuary of Montenero from which this sort of confession is born and ideally closed in the light, physical and spiritual, of the Mediterranean Sea. Light that is poured out in both its connotations also in the beautiful flyer edited this time as a friendship, by the well-known Livorno-based graphic designer and cartoonist Capras, born Stefano Caprina. The ViviMontenero Association invites citizens to participate in this event, the result of the refined research of two dear Montenerese friends and represented in the symbolic place of Montenero, the Sanctuary, from which the idea was developed and to which it returns on Saturday.

Voices: Laura Gallo, Sara Donnini, Riccardo Taddei, Stefano Thrull

Guitar: Roberto Sbolci

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Saturday the second edition of Ave Maris Stella –