Sandra Mihanovich: “The University Theater is going to become a true cultural center of La Matanza”

Joy and illusion. Those are the emotions that Sandra Mihanovich is going through these days, since there is very little left for her big show at the University Theater (Florencio Varela 1903, San Justo). The recital will take place this Saturday, starting at 8 pm, and will include a tour of the enriching and popular repertoire of the singer, who will be on stage accompanied by her band. In the preview of the long-awaited performance, the artist spoke with Radio University and highlighted: “I think that this wonderful theater is going to become a true cultural center of La Matanza. I’m glad to be among the first to step on that stage.”

During the show, he will address songs that are part of his 22 albums and that are part of different periods of his outstanding career. Therefore, historical themes will appear in the repertoire such as Puerto Pollensa, It is the life that reaches me, I am what I am, I cry a thousand times Y As the judge to the truthwhich make up the popular imagination.

“The theater is beautiful, I hope it’s the real party that we all think it’s going to be, and that we all sing together. We are going to be finding ourselves in a new place, discovering it, feeling that we are part of it. I think it will be an apprenticeship, I hope it will be the beginning of a beautiful and long path that UNLaM will have as a cultural center of La Matanza”, she enthusiastically projected.

Likewise, he recalled his visit to the different facilities of this House of Higher Studies: “The University is extraordinary. Evidently it is part of the daily work of La Matanza. With this audience, people are going to say ‘Let’s go to the cinema, because we want to see a movie and the sound and image will ‘split our heads’, or ‘Let’s go to the theater because this weekend the UNLaM brings us to such a singer or play!’ It is going to become an everyday place, and that is what we all want.”

Looking in the rear view mirror

Having traveled, and continuing to travel, such a fruitful artistic path, Mihanovich reflected: “I have done so many things! I feel that I have had the enormous privilege of doing what I like, of having a vocation and being able to dedicate myself to it. I think I did a lot more things than I thought, or dreamed, I was going to do. For example, it never occurred to me that I was almost opening a theater in an Argentine university. I have a huge thank you.”

On the possible influence of being the daughter of the prestigious journalist and television host Mónica Cahen D’Anvers for the construction of her personal path, she valued: “I had the initial door open, I was grateful and I will continue to be grateful all the time. In addition, I think that a large part of affection has a kind of transitive power, because my mother has always been very loved and she is in a place in the hearts of Argentines. It’s a round trip”.

Juan Alberto Badía: from La Matanza to the soul of artists

The driver and announcer from Ramos Mejía, who was in charge of iconic programs such as Badia and Co. Y Badia in Concert, gave rise to numerous musicians in its television cycles, and Sandra remembered it with great affection. “He gave us the space we all needed and wanted. What he did for us was fundamental, foundational. Today, the rock of morphi became a bit of its continuation. Music on television was always something difficult for the commercial issue, it didn’t work, and Juan gave us the space and the technical elements, the possibility of singing and playing live. When we went to his program we were like in a recital”.

spiritual connection

Before ending the interview, the singer shared the anecdote of an unforgettable trip to Patricia Sosa’s house in Córdoba, along with other colleagues and members of the Las Elegidas group. “We sang and saw lights. Obviously we have to connect with spirituality, with something that transcends us, because we are energy in motion. This is something that we can all contemplate, we have to put this energy to work in a positive way, because that is the best way to go through life”, she concluded.

Take notes

Tickets for Sandra Mihanovich’s recital can be purchased through the page Ticketek or at the theater box office (Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.).

Sandra Mihanovich: “The University Theater is going to become a true cultural center of La Matanza” – El1 Digital