Rosario Murillo: “Provoking rejection is a sin against spirituality” |

Photo: Act to commemorate National Dignity Day, chaired by Commander Daniel Ortega and Vice President Rosario Murillo / Courtesy

The Vice President of Nicaragua, Rosario Murillo He referred to the country as one that works together for progress, a country full of Christ. «We live walking with his spirit and message, full of love and transferring love. Nicaragua is a people that lives in realities of struggle, working to build a culture of peace, and walk together towards the prosperity that we deserve»; she asserted.

Referring to the intentions from steal peace from the Nicaraguan people said; “we are not frozen in the pastOn the contrary, we always look towards the sun that illuminates us. We’re not caught up in air and visions of grandeur, we are not unbalanced like those who pretend to see the world from a place ‘small of spirits’.

«We are not for buffoonish gestures that were left behind and that also represent the utter contempt for familys. Nobody wants that past that we live and have already transcended with strength of spirit»; Murillo added.

“The time to destroy each other is past”; says Vice President Rosario Murillo

Likewise, Rosario Murillo mentioned that; “The world is experiencing very difficult circumstances Y to procure the peace in concord of Christian brotherhood, preaching love and practicing love, as a Biblical mandate. It is how the present and the future we deserve are built.

On the other hand, he recalled that in this country there are laws. “We must take into account that it cannot be done, shouldn’t be break the laws and much less commit crimes, provoke and flaunt impunity, especially when what is provoked is discord, debauchery»; he stated in relation to the laws in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua has good peace and tranquility
Photo: Nicaragua has peace and tranquility well / CCC Jairo Cajina

He also added that «You cannot sow hatred and on the contrary we have to work in peace, move forward transcending in peace and with affection, without hatred, without malice, without bitterness; no poisons.”

Nicaragua is getting stronger because we are worthy and sovereign, maintaining respect for the community, for the family, for symbols that are sacred to our beliefs, because when respect is lost, everything is lost. What is gained is the rejection of the person who provokes and the growing rejection of what we have known. What institutions what deserve respect, definitely a sin against spirituality»; The vice president expressed in her message.

Joy and celebration is lived in Nicaragua for the traditional festivals

Traditional festivals are celebrated throughout the country, ftraditional festivals to our devotions; that we accompany with music, with fairs, processions, ribbon races, horseback riding, alboradas, children’s horse riding, reveille, alboradas, bullfights and everything that always fills that air of festivity.

In the same way are made cCompetitions with all the districts of Managua, with music, municipal concerts, folk dance, and also the «International Festival of Arts, Culture and Gastronomy», of our towns; this Saturday, August 5, with gastronomy from 40 countries and more than 90 ventures.

Pilgrimage in Managua from Santo Domingo de Abajo
Photo: Pilgrimage in Managua of Santo Domingo de Abajo / TN8

The comrade Rosario Murillo, reported that “we have 7 thousand festive festivities, throughout Nicaragua to celebrate the family, sports games, cultural and recreational activities and concerts. In the ports of the country there are many more activities, health fairs, family economy fair.

and commented that Vaccination against COVID-19 advances with 94% at least one dose, and 89% with complete vaccination from two years onwards.

The booklet «Women, rights, laws and complaint mechanism»; was introduced to over 200,000 women in a massive effort which corresponds to the need to gradually transform our culture of silence; with these topics that are so dangerous in a joint work of different related institutions.

Finally, he stated that the “Forward” program was established from the National System of Production, Consumption and Commerce, with a first meeting of the board of directors in which they are integrated, Usura Cero, MEFCCAMinistry of Finance, and the institutions of the production system to work with this program, delivering credits to solidarity groups of producers and cooperatives.

Rosario Murillo: “Provoking rejection is a sin against spirituality” |