Roberto Pettinato spoke for the first time about the situation of his son Felipe after the fatal fire in his house

The driver referred to the rehabilitation of the young man and pointed against the media.

Roberto Pettinato gave an interview to the program Dante’s Divine Night (El Nueve, Saturday at 10 p.m.), where he spoke of the difficult situation his son Felipe is experiencing, who is admitted to a clinic and accused of abuse.

In May of this year, Felipe Pettinato He lived a tragic episode when his apartment in Belgrano caught firewhere The neurologist Melchor Rodrigo who was next to him died.

Since the fire that broke out at his home, the young man has been admitted to a clinic where he is undergoing rehabilitation treatment. But in addition to fighting addictions, Felipe will go to trial since he is accused of abusing a 15-year-old teenager in Olivos.

Roberto Pettinato gave an interview to Dante Gebel. Capture TV.

“There are people who believe that justice can be spread in any area. There are things that are settled in justice, and this belongs to the courts and not to a tv show. Justice is not inside a television program, “said Roberto in the El Nueve cycle.

About the fatal fire, Pettinato reflected: “What happened to Felipe was a very big tragedybut very big and he is surpassing it day by day”.

“He is at a stage, in this community where he is (Eira Foundation), which is wonderful where everyone cares for each other, because we are talking about the issue of addiction. And he is struggling with it in a spectacular waybecause he recovers day by day,” said the driver about his son.

Tamara and Felipe Pettinato.  Photo: File.

Tamara and Felipe Pettinato. Photo: File.

At the same time, Roberto said that the issue of addictions is not resolved by the Government and that is why communities arise to fight against this disease. “When communities are formed to save each other, there is a part that someone does not do, for example, governments. You do not stay waiting for the Government to solve ityou get together with four friends and you do it,” he explained.

“It’s a community with people who they have been through some very serious things“added the driver.

It should be remembered that Roberto has five children. In addition to Felipe, he is Homerwho works in radio and television production, tamaracurrent panelist for blessed and her youngest, the fruit of her last marriage, Esmeralda and Lorenzo.

The spiritual side of Roberto Pettinato

On the other hand, Pettinato spoke of his spiritual side and revealed how he contacted the driver of the cycle. “I was with a taxi driver who told me ‘you have to meet Dante Gebel’. I typed it into Google and another person came out. Then I found you and we talked,” she said.

“I always say: one leg in the Universe and one on Earth. That always does good. I don’t know anyone who has been wrong by meditating or reading the Bible,” she mused.

“The world has not done very well, we are not in a ‘Wonderfull world,'” he added. “You can achieve being at peace for a while with some spirituality, not watching a film of shots“, he added.

About his evolution as a person, Roberto said: “You cannot continue being the same person. You have to watch, sometimes you have to swallow the anger and shut up.”


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Roberto Pettinato spoke for the first time about the situation of his son Felipe after the fatal fire in his house