Regional writers present their books at the Alberdi Cultural Center

On November 25 and 28, local writers Eduardo Gómez and Diego Cioccio will present their new books, with free admission.

On Friday 25, at 8:00 p.m., the book of poems “A corazón abierto”, by the writer and musician Eduardo Gómez, will be presented at the Alberdi Cultural Center. The activity will be accompanied by the author’s own musical group, Dito Trío, made up of Eduardo Gómez on guitar and voice, José Narbona on drums and percussion, and Raúl Becerra on double bass. Meanwhile, on Monday, November 28, the book “Banvilop” will be presented, the first novel by Diego Cioccio, edited by Tina de luz.

About books and authors

The new collection of poems “A corazón abierto” invites you to discover a cosmogony, a way of seeing the world transversal to humanity itself, to humor, to charisma, to the affectionate words that lead to the inspiration of the author himself to vindicate life through of his own spirituality. This is the author’s second book, again under the label of Ediciones con Doble Zeta.

Eduardo Gómez was born in the city of Neuquén, he is an artist with his own style, but who follows in the footsteps of regional composers, in the path of recognition and dissemination of the tradition, culture, worldview and customs of a people through his music. . With references such as Luis A. Spinetta, Pedro Aznar, Jorge Drexler, Juan Falú and Vinicius de Moraes, he has nurtured his works with a deep Latin American root that is combined with the unmistakable nuances that describe his Patagonia.

In 2014 he published his first book Pluma y Pincel, together with the painter and partner Ana Carolina Alonso de Armiño. This book has the distinction of being in the Casa de las Américas Library in Cuba and in the Hispanic Library in Berlin, Germany. Gómez, as a composer, was awarded in the Pre-Cosquín contest, of the festival of the province of Córdoba, with the milonga “Sur Lejano Sur”.

Their songs are part of the soundtrack of a short made for the cycle “Cinema with Neuquinos neighbors”, organized by the Ministry of Cultures. The song “I will continue by your side”, from his musical project Pilares, includes a video clip that was recorded at the headquarters of Teatristas Neuquinos Asociados and had the honor of being screened on the Unisono program on Public TV. This production consolidated the musical formation in a trio format, called Dito Trío. This training will accompany him in the presentation of his book.

The new collection of poems by Eduardo Gómez is now available at the Provincial Public Library.

Banvilop, by Diego Cioccio. The author, born in Ramos Mejía, has lived for some years in Villa La Angostura together with his family. He graduated with a degree in Journalism from the University of Business and Social Sciences (UCES) and did a postgraduate course in Digital Journalism at Pompeu Fabra University (UPF). He worked at TN, El Cronista Comercial, Infobae, La Nación and La Mañana de Neuquén.

The protagonist and narrator of this story is Sebastián Tatuk, a young journalist who tries to make a name for himself in someone else’s business. Perhaps it is the routine, with his endless trips in a crowded Buenos Aires, the disdain of the other office workers or the real face of the people on whom he focused to feel helped. Perhaps all of that creates the combo that triggers an emotional outburst. The pages invite you to dive inside him and want to discover how he channels his emotions, what allies he has and what doors he opens to go out to places of calm and fulfillment. Banvilop is a journey and a search, the journey of abandoning a circular, repetitive round trip, to open up to other possible healthy paths.

The novel was donated by its author to the Provincial Public Library.

Regional writers present their books at the Alberdi Cultural Center – Neuquén Informa