READINGS / “You care about me”: like Guareschi, being amazed by life

The new volume by Fabiana Guerra is released, entitled You care for me. The story of the witnesses (San Lorenzo Editions, 2022). A collection of stories that bear witness, encounters, acquaintances, participations, spiritual proximity even before material, are the soul of this book, with an agile and captivating reading, which makes the reader want to discover the new portrait, as soon as he finish reading one.

A text that collects, gathers, collects the impressions, the communions, the compassions and, also, the lessons that Fabiana has collected in these dialogues, personal, but also imaginary, like the one with Giovannino Guareschi, one of her passions, which comes to life , like the other protagonists, in a chapter that Fabiana presents as follows: “For those who love Guareschi, like me, it is always a joy to see his photos or talk to his son”. Fabiana tells of this meeting with Giovannino “through intermediary”, or through her children Alberto and Carlotta (known before his death) and learns, examines and deeply understands the soul of the writer from the Bassa: “I immediately loved films that tell of Don Camillo and Peppone, but the books, discovered later, are wonderful! How many laughs have I made while reading the Zibaldino or the Corrierino of the families! Giovannino was made of a humorous and realistic intelligence that cannot fail to strike, make us reflect, now, they are ageless even if he has been dead for years, the truth does not die. And his sentence: Thinking does not harm, it is an incentive to do so, with the freedom that he used in his life, paying the price “.

33 chapters, in this almost cinematic sequence of “characters and performers” of a lifetime: that of Fabiana, from catechism to the consecration to the Ordo Virginum which took place 12 years ago. But the most vivid and beautiful description of this story is given, in his preface, by Monsignor Christian Carlassare, Comboni priest and bishop of Rumbek, in South Sudan: “Despite the great work to be done on the mission, I welcomed Fabiana’s proposal with joy and therefore I dedicate this introduction to your latest book. I thank you because, with her chapters, she took me through another journey, always meeting people that she came to know, listen to, appreciate, and managed to bring out a goodness and a beauty for which to thank for everything. heart. In short, all is never lost. There is always hope. And this hope finds space in the lives of these people who we could define as alternatives even in the ordinary life of their lives. You care about me, Fabiana says to each of the people interviewed. Perhaps because it is nice to be amazed by each of them, to let oneself be touched by one’s heart and to open oneself to hope. Perhaps, you care for me, it is also what Fabiana would like to say to each reader and to those who have yet to discover that they are in someone’s heart ”.

Reading this collection by Fabiana becomes a real “story in pictures”, because each of the protagonists of her encounters, the author puts it in front of us: physically with a photograph, spiritually and literally with her portraits, which she herself , at the end of the book, he describes as follows: “[…] to deliver some food for thought or arouse a healthy desire to get to know many witnesses of love, who live or have lived next to us “.

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READINGS / “You care about me”: like Guareschi, being amazed by life