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Together in a new series: one of the most beautiful couples on TV talks exclusively to Sorrisi

Raoul Bova and Rocío Muñoz Morales met in 2011 while making the film “Immature – The Journey”. Together they have two daughters: Luna and Alma Credit: © Maria Vernetti

May 18, 2022 at 2:26 pm

Raul Bova and Rocío Muñoz Morales they are a wonderful couple in life and now, from 18 Mayfor three prime time evenings on Canale 5 we will also see them together in fiction “Justice for all”the story of former photojournalist Roberto Beltrami (Bova) who, after having served ten years in prison as an innocent man for the murder of his wife, is released from prison and tries to find out the truth about who the real culprit is.

During his unjust detention he graduated in Law and, now that he is out, he begins to rebuild his life thanks to work in a law firm, alongside Victoria Bonetto (Rocío), a famous lawyer of the “Torino bene” who spent childhood in Madrid, Spain.

We interview the protagonists, who gladly answer Sorrisi’s questions for this cover story sitting in the living room of their home. In the library we see many photography books. «A passion we have in common» says Raoul, happy to play «a former photographer used to looking at things with different lenses and other eyes: always from new points of view».

What intrigued you most about this fiction?
Rocío: «Do you start, love?».
Raoul: «Okay, I’ll go. Therefore, I liked the theme of fiction because I am a “fan” of justice. But it has always made me suffer to see that there are so many people who, whether due to superficial investigations or because they could not afford to pay good lawyers, have served a sentence unjustly despite not having committed a crime”.
Rocío: «Playing Victoria, a lawyer who also defends clients for free, I have always thought in my heart of women, mothers, victims of judicial errors».

“Justice for all” is a high-voltage crime drama. As viewers, are you lovers of “legal thrillers”?
Raoul: «Yes, we often watch them».
Rocío: «There was a time when I was obsessed with the “Suits” series, with Meghan Markle».

How much of Raoul is there in Roberto and how much of Rocío in Victoria?
Raoul: «Roberto looks like me because, like me, he trusts the truth. I too am convinced that, no matter how many abuses or injustices one suffers, but the true and clean side of him will always surface: it’s just a matter of time, commitment and determination ».
Rocío: «For me, the character of Victoria was teased by the fact that she didn’t look like me at all. Because she is a woman who, due to her past, is not used to expressing feelings and emotions. I, on the other hand, often let myself be overwhelmed by my emotional states, you see, no (smiles)?».

Have you suffered great injustices in your life?
Raoul: «No, just little things, the ones I remember from my childhood. A note placed by the teacher at school even though it wasn’t me who made a mess in class or, as happens in all families, I took it instead of my brothers…”.
Rocío: «It can happen that we are victims of prejudice or that we are judged as we are not. And that’s something that makes me suffer. For this reason, as my mother did with me, I am teaching my daughters to have freedom of thought, but without hurting people with hasty judgments”.

What is freedom for you?
Rocío: «Freedom is a mental thing».
Raoul: «I just need to look at the blue sky when I’m with my family to feel free. When there is respect for the other, there is freedom».

The fiction is set in Turin: is it a city you knew well? Have you found a special romantic spot?
Rocío: «I had already been to Turin to shoot the miniseries “Tango for freedom”. And I was pregnant with my first child, but I hadn’t told anyone yet! So this memory stuck in my heart. And when I returned with Raoul and the girls, I found a welcoming, romantic city. Then we had our little bar downtown, right love? The one where we had an aperitif in the evening before returning home».
Raoul: «Yes, because we had taken an apartment there. The shooting lasted six months.
Rocío: «And that little bar was the place where, gradually, we stopped being actors and, maybe drinking a spritz with two chips, we went back to being us, the couple and the parents».

What is it like to work between partners?
Rocío: «The secret of our couple is to share the commitment, even in joint projects like this, but to keep professional life separate from private life».

Let me understand better: for example, did you study the script together in the evening at home?
Rocío: «No, everyone studies on their own. Everyone has their own camper, always separate costume rehearsals… Then, of course, being a couple helps on the set. We could afford to joke among ourselves about bad jokes. Or tell us: “But how did you do your hair?” or “What the heck of blouse are you wearing?”».

Often in the story Roberto and Victoria have small differences of opinion.
Raoul: «So much so that even at home I warned her: “Don’t be too Bonetto!”».
Rocío: «Yes, because in fiction I am his boss. And I liked, for once, being in charge. Since at home he’s the boss instead…”
Raoul: «But that’s not true…».

At this point the intercom rings and Raoul gets up to go and see who it is. While Rocío apologizes: «Forgive us, we too are housewives».

Who’s the more homely of you two?
Raoul: «Help!».
Rocío: «Me!».
Raoul: «But I also help a little around the house, come on».
Rocío: «Oh yeah?».

Stop. Let’s do a test. Who does the dishes?
Raoul: «The dishwasher».
Rocío: «The problem is who loads it, though».

Who takes care of the separate collection?
Raoul: «It must be done, it is important».
Rocío: «And then the rubbish, once sorted, must also be thrown away…».
Raoul: «Maybe it’s better to change the subject (laughs)”.

Rocío, did you see Raoul in “Don Matteo”?
Rocío: «Obviously yes. And I’m proud of him. He was brave, he believed in it and exceeded my expectations ».

What is the effect of seeing him in the role of Don Massimo?
Raoul: «Honey, shall we tell him?».
Rocío: «What, what do you want to be a priest? No! Do not leave me!”.
Raoul: «I would be a modern priest, don’t worry (he squeezes her and gives her a very sweet kiss, ed)».

Seriously, does Raoul have a strong spiritual side?
Rocío: «Yes, he has a deep spirituality. You have moments when you have to withdraw from everything.’

Raoul, did you appreciate Rocío as host of “Reservoir Dogs”?
Raoul: «Very much. I very much admire her speed in moving from the role of actress to that of presenter. I also envy her versatility a little: she did Sanremo, now she will be the godmother of the Venice Film Festival, she is good at everything ».

And is she “feisty” in character?
Raoul: «Well, she’s Spanish».
Rocío: «And what does it mean? You don’t know all the Spanish women, luckily you haven’t met many of them. There are also those “flies”».
Raoul: “But you, love, you’re not.”

Oh, so I want you: real! In “Justice for all” there is a recurring phrase: “The truth is not always what everyone sees”. Tell us something about you that we never see: give us a little hint to get to know you as a couple, as well as professionals.
Rocío: «The truth, the one you don’t always see, now I tell it, even if Raoul doesn’t want to and sometimes he boycotts me. The truth is that we are very accomplices. Raoul is my best friend, my lover. It’s only with him that I want to dance, pray, get drunk. And it’s only his judgment that matters to me and sometimes, if he’s too severe, I’m afraid. Raoul is all the beauty in my life.”

What a beautiful declaration of love.
Raoul: «The truth is that with Rocío life is a surprise. I can take her to a place, without telling her where, and she always follows me. I feel welcomed, protected by her, in every situation. We ride bikes together, we go climbing. We like adventure. Once we were in the middle of a forest, at the top, with a stream below us. I said to her: “Shall we close her eyes and jump in?” And we did it”

Raoul Bova and Rocío Muñoz Morales together in life and in the fiction “Justice for all” | TV Smiles and Songs