PUCV Culture will offer a new artistic billboard in different locations of the University

Bringing culture to the different locations of the University is the objective of the new cycle that Cultura PUCV is organizing and that seeks to bring the artistic manifestations that arise from our House of Studies closer to the communities of the campuses and to the environment where they are located. The initiative includes the performance of classical and popular music concerts, photo exhibitions, documentaries and heritage workshops.

The initiative entitled “More Art and More Culture on your Campus” will begin on Tuesday, October 25 at 2:30 p.m. with the screening of the documentary “Cielo” at the School of Mechanical Engineering in Quilpué, coinciding with the commemoration of its 65 years of history.

“For the current Rectory, one of the emphases is to bring culture closer to students and this initiative goes along that line, which will take place during the second semester of this year with various activities. Many of them are also being held on important dates for the academic units. The vast majority of the ensembles that will participate are made up of students from the University and graduates of the music institute”, indicated the director of Cultural Artistic Linkage of the PUCV, Michel Cara.

The director warns that the billboard will be complemented with various artistic and cultural activities, including presentations by the PUCV District Tuna, the International Mosaic Sound Festival of ancient music and the traditional Greeting to the Manger, among many other activities that will arrive at the University headquarters.

“It is a cultural program of excellence in co-creation with the different academic units where professors and students participate and it is being generated together. It was organized from the internal talent that attends to the integral formation of our students. Through this billboard, we reach the neighborhoods without making a difference between people and everyone can access a quality cultural proposal”, said the director.

The initiative aims to generate better opportunities for access to cultural manifestations and to have systematic, recurring experiences within university life.


On Tuesday, October 25, the cycle starts at 2:30 p.m. with the documentary miradoc “Cielo” at the PUCV School of Mechanical Engineering, which will be offered to students and teachers. This Canadian-Chilean co-production travels between science and spirituality through arid lands and exuberant galaxies, expanding the limits of our imagination. A desert farmer, a herdsman and an astronomer look at the stars, reflecting on life, legends and questions that we all have related to existence.

The cycle will continue on Thursday, October 27 with the presentation at the School of Business and Recreational Economics of the Popular Music Ensemble, directed by Professor Diego Vega, who will offer a repertoire with works such as “Compromiso” (Bolero), “Cementerio Club ” (Blues), “Bésame Mucho” (Bolero), “Insensatez (Bossa Nova), Say, Say, Say (Pop), “Valery” (Soul), “Black Velvet” (Rock), among others. The group considers 22 musicians on stage with voices, saxophones, guitars, pianos, bass and drums. The activity is open to the community of the School and neighbors of the sector.

On November 7, at the Sausalito Campus, the cycle includes a sample of artisans and crafts where artists from other regions will show their creations and a kite workshop will be held for students of the Basic and Preschool Education careers.

The rest of the billboard will be reported soon.

General Directorate for Links with the Environment

PUCV Culture will offer a new artistic billboard in different locations of the University