Portal 11/11/22: Meaning, which zodiac sign will impact and rituals

The portal 11/11/22, has arrived, and thousands of believers and lovers of astrology will use this day to manifest and perform multiple rituals to infinity with the purpose of attracting into their lives the positive energies that go from consciousness to the spiritual. The data! This portal, which will begin on November 11, 2022, corresponds to a 100% energetic portal, which means that the universe will provide very powerful energy with positive changes.

What is an energy portal?

The energetic portals are those that make a direct connection with the universe, for this reason the energy is more powerful compared to other portals. According to astronomical experts, when the beginning of an energy portal occurs, there is a direct fusion between the terrestrial and etheric worlds, so the exchange of energy increases its perception, reception, and strength.

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When does the energy portal start and how many days will it be open?

Write it down very well! The 11/11/22 portal will open from the first minutes of November 11, and will last exactly 11 consecutive days, so this time can be very well used to work on the goals and desires that have always been had in mind with the purpose and guarantee that they result.

What does the portal 11/11/22 mean?

Numerology and experts in the field have concluded that this portal is very powerful, it increases desires, goals, and the strength to make each of them achievable.. The year 2022 is the plus that is added to the November energy portal, since this number is related to synchrony and vibrations that provide that connection with the universe.

Numerology divides the year 2020 as follows: 2-0-2-2, which adding them separately gives a result of 6, a number that is strictly related to connection and also invites union and reconciliation.


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What changes will be experienced with the portal 11/11/22?

Astronomical experts and numerologists confirm that this energetic portal will bring the zodiac signs closer to knowing each other more, wondering about the self, beginning to break limits, especially those that “bind”, to change perspective, it will call for meditation, rationalization, and belief blindly believe that miracles can be possible through direct connection to the universe.

Ritual for the portal 11/11/22

Experts in this energetic force recommend that on the first day of the portal 11/11/22, which will last 11 days with a greater impact on the sign of Scope, take refuge in a solitary and quiet place, where they feel at peace with themselves, whose purpose is that the connection and strength can flow purely.

It is recommended to use citrus oils, since they are the ones that are most congenial with this energy portal, the use of blankets, meditation, calm music, a piece of paper and a pen is also invited to write down those desires or objectives that they have wanted so much, later they are they must fold the sheet, and put it in a dark priority cloth bag, which must be hidden in a place that no one knows and keep it in that place for nine days, at the end of this period they will have to take out and burn, only the sheet and the next step will be to wait and work on what s wrote on that page.

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Portal 11/11/22: Meaning, which zodiac sign will impact and rituals