Pelé: Beyond Soccer

‘pele’ passed away this thursday after complications derived from his fight against colon cancer that was previously detected, but his legacy goes beyond football, since music, cinema and television gave him space.

This Thursday he passed away Edson Arantes do Nascimento ‘Pele’one of the most important sports legends that has given Brazil and of course the soccer.

‘pele’ It has not only been that young man who in 1958 cried on the shoulder of didi Y Garrincha by winning for his country the world from Sweden 1958.

It was also the inspiration for thousands of children around the world who wanted to dress in yellow, to say ‘I am Pele’ when the challenges were set up, and that love and fanaticism for ‘O Rei’ was so great that the cinema, television and even music did not let it go unnoticed.

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Music: His First Artistic Approach

His first approach to music was in 1969 when he joined his voice with none other than his countrywoman Elis Reginathe great singer interpreter of ‘Waters of March’ to make a disc with two songs: ‘tabelinha’ Y ‘Vexamão’.

On some occasion he confessed that since he was young, he had a passion for writing songs, since it was an entertainment resource, while the Brazilian team traveled. He assured that he took up the guitar to write songs, many of them for children and samba.

  • ‘While the others played carambola or cards, I sat with the guitar and wrote songs’ assured.

A year later, in 1970, his song ‘Pior E Não Ter Por Quem Chorar’ was included by the carioca singer Moacyr Franco ‎for your album ‘Moacyr Franco Show’.

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By 1977, the year in which he retired from the courts, he recorded ‘In my world is a ball’produced by the famous Sergio Mendeswith battery jim keltner all under the seal ‘Atlantic’.

Years later, Pele releases his first musical album which he called ‘PeleGinga’ material with 13 songs and that he performed as a duo with Gilberto Giland which contains some collaborations.

It is in the year 2020, when hand in hand with Rodrigo and Gabrielathrow ‘Acredita No Véio’ song that he relaunched, on the occasion of his 80th birthday.

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Pele On All Screens

‘pele’ He not only brought the magic of the ball to the courts or to people’s living rooms with his voice, the screen also did its thing to ask him for a space.

The first time it was discussed ‘pele’ as a soccer idol was in 1974 with ‘Isto E Pele’a documentary in which he talks about the years of Saints of Brazilas well as the triumph of World Cup in Mexico 1970.

But without a doubt, the cinema made him expand his fame by sharing a camera with no less than Sylvester Stallonewho already came with the success of ‘Rocky’ Y michael canethe first ‘Alfie’ that the cinema gave, accompanied by colleagues such as Bobby Moore, paul van himst, Osvaldo ArdilesY Kazimierz Deyna.

A movie based on a true event. It is based on the case of ‘The Party of Death’where a team founded by former soccer players from kyiv Dynamo faced the Germans when Ukraine was occupied by him Third Reich.

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‘Not Only Betty Succeeded On Platforms’

Also the platforms did not leave it out. in 2016 Apple TV Y Primethey launched ‘Pelé: The Birth of a Legend’ the story of ‘Dico’ and his beginnings on the streets of Brazil as a child until his debut in the World Cup in Sweden 1958.

Netflix he also did his thing with ‘pele’. A documentary in which he recounts the beginnings of ‘O King’. From those 12 years that is when he became interested professionally and is narrated by himself Edson Dorantes do Nascimento.

The film shows images in black and white and in color, it is also narrated from his more than a thousand goals to confessions such as infidelities, his relationship with the Brazilian dictatorship or his spirituality; among other.

The inhabitants of Springfield or rather ‘The most beloved yellows on television’, they also made ‘Pelé’ appear in his episode on ‘The Simpsons’.

This occurred during the ninth season in the episode ‘The Cartridge Family’ in which ‘Pelé’ in the voice of Hank Azaria is seen making a brief advertisement before the start of a soccer match between Portugal Y Mexico.

Edson Arantes do Nascimentois one of the Brazilian figures that will be a benchmark when talking about this great nation, and is related to everything that has to do with soccer. ‘pele’ He has left this earthly plane, but the legacy that dreams come true exists in anyone who achieves success.

Thank you Pelé… Always tie Edson Dorantes do Nascimento!

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