Panorama in Antofagasta: Esquina Returnable Cineclub + Arte announces news from its billboard

With a renewed billboard, Esquina Returnable Cineclub + Arte, offers the Antofagasta community a fully equipped space to meet around the cinema, where in addition to offering national premieres, the Antofagasta auteur cinema will become the Festival headquarters Shorts in Large.

This initiative is financed by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage through its Support Program for Collaborating Cultural Organizations (PAOCC) and offers a continuous program from Wednesday to Saturday, with two daily performances in the room located at the Playa Blanca Sector.

national premieres

The film 1976, directed by Manuela Martelli, which last Saturday was recognized with the Audience Award at the Antofagasta International Film Festival, ANTOFACINE, arrives at Esquina Returnable. Aline Küppenheim, plays Carmen, who, far from the life she is used to, ventures into unexplored territories, taking care of a young man in secret at the request of her family priest. Küppenheim was recognized as Best Actress at the Tokyo International Film Festival, after this interpretation of her.

The documentary Under Suspicion: Zokunentu, narrated in the Mapuche language, by director Daniel Díaz, will also be exhibited, presenting an intimate reflection on the identity and spirituality of his uncle, the visual artist Bernardo Oyarzún, in a context of social injustice in contemporary Chile. . The film was recently recognized with an honorable mention in the National Feature Film category at ANTOFACINE.

special function

Within the framework of the international day of the French teacher, the exhibition of Madame Hyde, by the French director Serge Bozon, will take place. This film was selected at the Locarno International Film Festival in 2017 and hits the billboard in collaboration with the French Alliance of Antofagasta. The function is free, filling in the registration form available on the website

Big Short Festival

Under the premise of decentralization, the #4 Cortos en Grande Festival arrives in Antofagasta to screen an unprecedented sample of short films made by young national talents, under thirty years of age, on Wednesday, November 16 and Thursday, November 17, which will be exhibited in the room Returnable Corner movie theater.

The meeting, organized by Fundación Viart and Balmaceda Arte Joven, will feature a sample of twenty-one short films that make up the national competition. Among them, The creatures that melt under the sun, the work of the Chilean Diego Céspedes screened in the Critics’ Week of the Cannes Film Festival, where the director obtained first place in the category that calls for projects from film schools, in 2018. .

The closing day will include a conversation with Tana Gilbert, director of the short documentary No Star, also in competition. A story that gives an account of the traces that remain in the family archive and the contradictions that motherhood generates.

Cortos en Grande 2022 has co-financing from the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage PAOCC2022 Fund and the support of the GAM Center, Filmo Estudios, La Fábrica de Medios and Latam Cinema.

To obtain tickets, you must do so directly at the ticket office of the theater located at El Tabo N°665, Playa Blanca sector, minutes before each function. Tickets for Big Shorts have a value of $1,000, while tickets for the other films are priced at $3,000 for the general public and $2,000 for students and seniors.

Esquina Returnable Cineclub + Arte is financed by the Support Program for Collaborating Cultural Organizations of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, which seeks to strengthen and give continuity to private and non-profit cultural institutions and organizations.

Panorama in Antofagasta: Esquina Returnable Cineclub + Arte announces news from its billboard