Out now “The Recoveries EP” by The Recoveries

“The Recoveries EP” was born following the choice of pieces that had been in the pipeline for some time, about a year, before entering the studio to record.

The four tracks that make up the disc were chosen keeping in mind the concept that we wanted to reveal: face yourself, overcome obstacles and fears, be reborn. “The Recoveries EP” is an album with lonely, sometimes dark, settings that characterize each piece. Highlighting this aspect, from each of the 4 songs comes the strength that supports and envelops each story. Force that concerns not only man but also nature, an element present throughout the album.

The message of the EP it is perceived following the order of the tracklist: between the pieces there are positive and negative implications that alternate and this is what happens in the daily life of each individual. What is really important is to find a reason to get up and continue on your journey with greater awareness.

For us this record is important as it is the work that officially introduces us to the world of independent music. Nothing was left to chance, every decision made on every single song was the result of sacrifices, changes of ideas and compromises to make them sound as they should, and we couldn’t be more satisfied ”.

The photographs and colors that represent the disc are an integral part of the concept and give that sense of spirituality immersed in nature very dear to the band. Sound engineers and musicians who joined the project contributed significantly to the final result, with technical suggestions, insights and passion.

Primal instinct

“Primordial Instinct” describes a journey, physical but above all moral, towards inner peace. The traveler finds along his path things, places and people that remind him of his past. Drawing strength and awareness from it, he wants to get rid of insecurities and fears “With which he healed the soul”. Air, Water, Fire and Earth are the four elements that evoke the protagonist’s need to feel in an almost spiritual way the protection of his parents, who are the primordial point of reference in the life of man.


Alyssa she is forced into a present that sees compromise and finds senseless the things on which modern society rests. Everything that is repeated cyclically, from the soon forgotten summer idols to the characters on TV who periodically replace the previous ones in a vortex of inadequacy and superficiality, lead Alyssa to estrange herself from this world: she does not feel part of it and would not want to be part of it, to difference of the mass that acclaims those same characters with unchanged enthusiasm. Her is a need to escape that makes her ask questions about humanity and the future, forcing herself to imagine herself elsewhere.

We want to leave the question of who Alyssa really is: an alienated girl or a real extraterrestrial trying to return home. The song recalls a bit the story of Prot in the movie K-Pax, where he himself, throughout the film, makes those around him doubt whether he is really an alien entity or just a madman. The stanzas are told by a narrator, who talks about Alyssa in the third person. The doubt also arises in this case, because it remains a mystery whether it is only an external narrator or a figure close to her, whether he is himself an alien or not. In her refrain, Alyssa herself expresses her thoughts.


War it wants to be a denunciation against the havoc that man is capable of doing. In the choruses, the crude images that describe the horrors of war want to trace the consequences of those who suffer it and raise a question in the mind of the listener: what makes sense in all this? At the end of the war, the soldiers “celebrate” something that at best has degraded them, physically or morally. The song, however, as the first verse tells and as the ending will also confirm with the phrase “the oak will blossom again”Is a hymn to nature and its secularity and although man is weakening it, it is still the greatest force that exists. As history teaches us, we are only a tiny part of a cycle that continues to run its course.


Miracle it’s a love song. Not a superficial love, on the contrary, almost ethereal. The protagonist feels trapped living in a decay of his own person but suddenly he is pervaded by a light that will prove to be the loved one who will make him emerge from the ashes. “It’s a miracle“Because the decay is so compelling that it does not allow the protagonist to imagine his salvation before the latter takes place.


The Recoveries is an Indie Pop-Rock musical duo from Salerno, composed of Giuseppe Capaccio And Light (Ludovica Cella). Both on vocals, Giuseppe on guitars and Luce on keyboards, meet for the first time at the end of 2018 for a collaboration. Luce joins Giuseppe on some dates in the premises of the province and in January 2019 they form The Recoveries. The duo begins to appear on the posters of the places that host them in the Salerno area. In the same year they participate in the Tour Music Festone of the largest European music competitions for emerging musicians, reaching the National Finals.
Time and experiences help them to better outline their musical genre and start recording their first ideas. A year later their vision is clear, so they set aside live shows to fully devote themselves to writing. In January 2022 they undertake the recording process in the studio for the realization of their first EP, anticipated on June 3 by the release of the single Primal instinct“.

Out now “The Recoveries EP” by The Recoveries