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Santo Domingo.- 24 hours have passed since the vile murder of the Minister of the Environment and Natural Resources, Orlando Jorge Mera, defined by those close to him as a kind, simple human being with great professional ethics, qualities that will make him remain in the memory of those who knew him. .

Beyond being a minister, political leader and lawyer, for more than 18 years, Jorge Mera was in front of the cameras with his interview program “Líderes”, a space broadcast every Sunday, at 9:00 in the morning, by Color Vision, channel 9; where the figures of national and international events discussed ideas regardless of the color of their party or their positions, their main hallmark being “the practice of tolerance and respect with those who think differently.”

Orlando was motivated to venture into television, “because of the challenges that society faces”… and “convinced that Dominican democracy needs spaces for discussion of ideas, and making a commitment to consolidate the rule of law, ‘Leaders’ will contribute to enriching the democratic conscience”, he wrote on the wall of the program’s official Facebook account, when it was about to premiere.

He recalled at that time that although he was never on television beyond as a guest, from a very young age he was involved in some print media.

“I had never been involved in television, even though I have always used different media to present my ideas. And this comes from afar. Many will remember that my sister Dilia and I edited a family newspaper, which we called ‘El Extra’, around the beginning of the eighties. Later, I was involved in the Editorial Committees of several Legal Sciences journals, both at the university and in private practice. And later, I edited a newsletter on intellectual property that was circulated in the professional media”, she recalled.

The television space had its first broadcast in 2004, and in 2020, when he was 16 years old, which he defined as years of growth and learning, sitting on the set and in front of the cameras; Mera stated: “I hope these are the first 16 years of many to come, contributing to the strengthening of democracy and freedom of expression, also highlighting the importance for a country of having strong, independent and diverse media outlets.” .


The minister was a columnist for this evening newspaper El Nacional, and on June 1 he wrote what he never imagined would be his last column, entitled “One Earth”, where he expressed his concern about climate change and proclaimed the importance of protecting nature. and “inject momentum for a greener, more sustainable world.”

His writings were not empty, because from his position, the minister led by example with the different activities that the entity developed in favor of the conservation of the natural environment, work that he carried out until the day of his death.

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Television personalities mourned the death of the prominent politician, who described him as a good friend.

Edilenia Tactuk

Edilenia Tactuk: “I have started writing this post several times… I can’t find the words to say goodbye to the most noble being I have ever met, a friend, a true friend. He left in everyone lessons of honesty, professional ethics, simplicity, education, patience, sensitivity and an immense spirituality. A great sadness to say goodbye. My deepest condolences to Dilia Leticia, Patricia, Orlando Salvador and Mrs. Patricia Villegas. I join the pain of his usual producer Gelen Gil and the entire team of TV Leaders, Elizabeth Crespo”.

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Miracles German: “What a sad and endless day! But I know, tomorrow will also be a sad and endless day. See you always, Orlando, minister, friend. Mariasela Álvarez: “Today in the office we were talking about the Minister of the Environment, Orlando Jorge Mera, and the issues that we would discuss with him tonight in our central interview, when we read that he had been shot and shortly after, that he had died . And then learning that the killer was a close friend! We still haven’t gotten out of shock, this is very painful, surreal… Our most sincere condolences to his wife and children, his sister and all his family, friends, co-workers and political life. He was a calm and peaceful man, he did not deserve such a violent end. May God take his soul.”

Iván Ruíz expresses his sorrow for the murder of Orlando Jorge Mera
Ivan Ruiz

Ivan Ruiz: “It is hard to believe that less than three months ago we were talking closely with Orlando Jorge Mera in Emphasis, and today they surprise us with this tragic news. We are very saddened by this unfortunate death. We need God to restore our society. Peace to his soul.”

Jatnna Tavarez: “It is still difficult for me to believe this great tragedy. How much pain we all feel for your departure; so abrupt, so untimely, so untimely, so cruel. And it is that this day, in which we share so many dreams and plans that you had to fulfill; so much commitment to your country, so much satisfaction hearing testimonies from your loved ones; we never imagined that they would be truncated by violence, rancor and slander.

The value of your sowing remains as a great imprint. Thank you for delivery to your country. A big hug and sincere condolences to Patricia Villegas de Jorge, Orlando Jorge Villegas, Dilia Leticia and Patricia Jorge Villegas. May the Lord fill you with peace, to be able to face this difficult moment. Rest in Peace Orlando.”

Orlando in communication — El Nacional