On November 2 at the Church of Santa Maria del Prato, “The Hidden Shadows” is staged

After the success of the first part of the shows, the “Le Strade del Suono” Festival resumes, hence our Agency is the “Media Partner”.

The appointment is for Wednesday 2 November at 9 pm at the Church of S Maria del Prato for the new three-year collaboration between the musicians ofEutopia Ensemble (in the photo on the right the Artistic Director Matteo Manzitti) and the vocal formations of Roberta Paraninfo.

Is titled “The shadows of beyond” (admission 8 euros), is one of the most anticipated events of the Festival The Sound Streets 2022and will see in dialogue the clarinet of Edoardo Lega with the choir and the solo voices of the formation “Sibi Consoni” (top photo) to celebrate contemporary sacred music on the day of remembrance. The program includes some world premieres of Camilla Piovano and Pietro Ferrariocounterpointed by the music of Pascal Dusapin, pervaded by a profound and dramatic spirituality. The music is by Pascal Dusapin, Shawn Crouch, Camilla Piovano and Pietro Ferrario.
WHO ARE THE “SIBI CONSONI” – Born in 2005 as a children’s choir (Little Singers), then choir for even voices (Young Singers), is now the mixed-voice youth training of theVocal Academy of Genoamade up of girls and boys between 18 and 30 years. Sibi Consoni is a Latin expression that means “consonants between them”: it describes not only a musical harmony between the members of the formation, but also the human harmony that has been created between the singers over the years.
In this period of forced distance, the choir conceived and implemented a project (“AVGproject”) in documentary form, in honor of the 15 years of the Vocal Academy of Genoa and the 25 years of the Genova Vocal Ensemble, with which not only to tell their own story, but also to implement all-round reflections on the meaning of being a choir, from every point of view, musical, human and social. This in-depth and passionate work has created an even deeper bond within the group and with the other formations of the Vocal Academy of Genoa.
Since its inception, the line-up has frequently presented itself at national festivals and competitions, obtaining various awards and recognitions, among which it is worth mentioning (last in chronological order – October 2021) the prestigious Efrem Casagrande Grand Prix in Vittorio Veneto (TV).
In February 2017, together with the Genova Vocal Ensemble, has carried out, for the Brilliant Classics, the recording (world premiere) of Shakespeare Sonnets by Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco.

WHO IS ROBERTA PARANINFO (photo below left)– Pianist by training, director and teacher by profession, since 1994 she has founded and directed several choral ensembles. The first “creature”, born in 1995, is the Genova Vocal Ensemble. Around this first core choral, in 2005 he founded and currently directs theVocal Academy of Genoaa choral and musical training course: within this structure the generations of singers pass through the different stages of choral growth starting from childhood (Mini, Small and Young Singers), until, once the vocal mute is completed, they assume their own personal identity, starting from the choice of a name and a shared “direction” and the choral life within the Academy proceeds. The current mixed choir of the Vocal Academy of Genoa is the Sibi Consoni choir.

With these formations she was invited to prestigious international festivals (Italy, France, Switzerland, Slovenia) and achieved numerous awards in national and international competitions. In addition to these, he conducted the JanuaVox mixed choir, the female choir Good News! and the Steffani Chamber Choir, of the homonymous Conservatory of Castelfranco Veneto.
Considering that immersion in music is fundamental from an early childhood, for many years he has personally supervised musical education and choral development projects for primary schools and, at the same time, training courses for teachers and choir directors in various regions of Italy, for account of the national federation of FENIARCO and of the Regional Associations.
Together with Master Gary Gradenhe directed the “Italian Youth Choir”FENIARCO project, for the two-year period 2015-2016. He has taught Choral Exercises at the Conservatory of Castelfranco Veneto (TV) from 2014 to 2017.
He teaches Piano Accompaniment at the Conservatory “N. Paganini ”of Genoa.

An appointment not to be missed.


On November 2 at the Church of Santa Maria del Prato, “The Hidden Shadows” is staged – Liguria News