On April 15, 2023 at the Teatro Europa in Aprilia the theatrical tour of Al Bano “It’s my life”.

On April 15, 2023 at the Teatro Europa in via Giovanni XXIII, in Aprilia, the theatrical tour of Al Bano arrives with the show “It’s my life”. The artist will retrace the successes of his long career. The evening will start at 21.00.

Al Bano, exceptional performer, versatile talent who has collected awards all over the world with 26 gold records, 8 platinum and many hits arrives at the theater with the show “È la mia vita” which debuts on February 18 at the Alessandrino Theater in Alessandria and then touch all the regions of Italy.

The show, produced by DM Produzioni and distributed in collaboration with Ventidieci, traces the artist’s long career through his successes starting from Nel sole – with one million three hundred thousand copies sold – to Sharazan, Felicità, Nostalgia canaglia, È la mia life up to the most recent ones.

Al Bano ranges from pop to romance, from festive to more intimate atmospheres, accompanied by Alterisio Paoletti on piano and keyboards, Adriano Pratesi on guitar, Giulio Boniello on bass, Maurizio Dei Lazzaretti on drums, Tiziana Giannelli on violin and backing vocalists Alessandra Puglisi and Luana Heredia.

An important production that crosses the stages of Italy to unite with the music. On April 15th it will be in Aprilia, at the Teatro Europa, a date organized by Vincenzo Berti and Gianluca Bonanno for Ventidieci and Bruno Iorillo.


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He was born in Cellino San Marco (BR) on May 20, 1943.

He discovered his vocation for music as a child, deciding to abandon his master’s studies and move to Milan at the age of 16 to follow in the footsteps of Domenico Modugno, a native of San Pietro Vernotico, a center only a few kilometers away from his Cellino.

The first approach to pop music comes thanks to the Clan of Celentano: he responds to an ad and is immediately hired. From that moment he chooses his name and becomes for all Al Bano.

Just over two years have passed since the signing of the first important contract with EMI. Shortly thereafter – in 1967 – he recorded the 45 laps Nel sole: an incredible record success with one million and three hundred thousand copies sold. In the same year he took part in the Italian tour of the Rolling Stones.

Worldwide success is attested by 26 gold records, 8 platinum and songs such as Sharazan, Felicità, Nostalgia rogue, It’s my life, In the sun, just to name a few.

In 1980 he won the Kawakami Award at the Yamaha Pop Festival in Tokyo and two years later in Germany the Golden Europe.

In 1982 he established an absolute record in Italy with four songs simultaneously in the hit parade.

In 1984, paired with Romina Power, he won the Sanremo Festival with There will be.

In the 1990s, Al Bano made some videos that narrate his tours: Self-Portrait, Lost America, An Emotional Life and a tribute to Carmelo Carrisi entitled In the heart of the father broadcast by Rai 2, a real film – the last personally curated by the artist – which tells of the extraordinary relationship with his father.

In 1995 the Emotional CD was released which avails itself, among others, of the collaboration of Paco de Lucia and the great soprano Montserrat Caballè.

From 1996 a new artistic phase opens: he returns as a soloist at the 46th Sanremo Festival with the song È la mia vita. Without ever neglecting pop music, the temptation to try his hand at opera is strong for an artist with extraordinary singing skills who performs in Bad Ischl (Salzburg – Austria) with the tenors Placido Domingo and Josè Carreras.

In November 2001 Al Bano leads the one man show Una voce nel sole, broadcast by Rete 4. An experience repeated for the same network in March 2002 with the program Al Bano, Stories of love and friendship.

In 2007 he returned to Sanremo with the song Nel pardon, whose text was written by Renato Zero, winning second place.

His artistic life is deeply imbued with faith. Enlightening, on a personal level, were the meetings with His Holiness John Paul II, in whose presence the singer performed several times. Particularly alive in him is also the memory of Mother Teresa of Calcutta and Padre Pio, whom he met in the 1950s.

Al Bano was the UN Ambassador against drugs.

In the publishing field, his life and career were “reconstructed” in the two autobiographies It’s my life and With music in my heart, which became authentic best-sellers in just a few months. His last two publications Io ci credo and Fra cielo e terra recount the strong and intense relationship with faith and spirituality.

In 2009 Al Bano returns for the fourteenth time to the Sanremo Festival with the song Love is always love.

In 2011 again in Sanremo with Amanda è libera she obtained third place while in the evening dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy – singing Va Pensiero with Demitra Theodossiou and Iannis Plutarxos – she won the absolute first prize awarded by critics and musicians.

In 2012 Boy George recorded Nel sole: a great recognition for the song that launched Al Bano in 1967

In 2013 he returned to the Sanremo Festival as guest of honor.

Al Bano is in the cast of the popular Rai 1 fiction A doctor in the family, always for the same network, with his daughters Cristel and Romina, in December 2013 he leads Mission and So close, so far also paired with Romina Power.

2018 is a year of great successes: in addition to the tour in China, he performs in South Korea for the first time. He is “Coach” by The Voice, he realizes the “featuring” with Fabio Rovazzi in the song I do what I want and Madre Mia television special broadcast by Rete 4, dedicated to mother Jolanda.

In 2019 on Canale 5 he hosts 55 Passi nel Sole, produces and directs the docu-film It’s my life.

From 2019 to 2021, his artistic activity slowed down due to the pandemic caused by “Covid 19” but this did not prevent him from holding a mini-concert for doctors, healthcare workers and patients outside the Bari Polyclinic.

With the reopening of the squares and theaters to the public, Al Bano restarts his tour in Italy and abroad. Between 2020 and 2021 he participated as a competitor in Ballando con le stelle and Il Cantante Mascherato, both in prime time on Rai 1.

In 2022 he joined the live roster of DM Produzioni.

On April 15, 2023 at the Teatro Europa in Aprilia the theatrical tour of Al Bano “It’s my life”. – Radio Studio 93 – Only Beautiful Songs