New Moon of November 23, 2022: these 3 signs will be impacted

Reading the horoscope can sometimes make you feel like you’re confined only to your sun sign. If the latter is of fundamental importance for your radiance, you may also know that the set of 12 signs actually forms a sacred mandala that you can activate, as one would rub an Aladdin’s lamp and this, with d so much more power, if you take into account what is playing in your natal chart.

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On the occasion of this New Moon, I suggest you have fun with 3 signs that are particularly affected by the planets. By understanding their mode of action, whatever your birth sign, you will be able to take full advantage of the configuration of the moment.

Use the energy of Sagittarius to keep the faith in all circumstances

This New Moon is in the sign of Centaur (Sagittarius). Whatever your sign, you can benefit from this fiery energy to boost your confidence and your motivation, and all the more so after this period of eclipses which could have been particularly trying and destabilizing for the bodies, the emotions and the finances. (to find out more, discover my video of the new moon of November 23 “the energy of miracles”)

How can you take full advantage of this wave of enthusiasm?

Receiving blessings with Pisces

Usually we carefully avoid setting goals that seem unattainable, fearing that they will generate discouragement and disappointment. With Jupiter (ruling planet of Sagittarius) in Pisces, this is not the case. Paradoxically, we could even find it much easier today to focus on an “impossible” goal, because the energies help us to let go, and to free ourselves from all pressure. It’s time to reinvest our most beautiful utopias, but in all lightness, without expectation, without impatience… because we know that this requires a connection to things that are beyond us and that we cannot control. Pisces allows us to connect to these forces in order to receive the blessings in our life, effortlessly. It is the energy of miracles.

Stay down to earth with Taurus

To balance our great Jupiterian flights, and not fall after having climbed very high, like a roller coaster, we will rely on reality and our sensations with the sign of Taurus. Indeed, without this anchoring, our faith could not pass the test of reality. At the slightest sign contrary to what we had planned, we could be discouraged far too quickly. The last Full Moon put this sign in the spotlight, and if you – or those around you – have experienced a few shocks, today you have the opportunity to use the aftershocks in an extremely creative way. Once the discomforts have been digested, you can see that once again, all of this made sense and allows you to surpass yourself today in a concrete way. The difficulties encountered become an opportunity to release your energies to fully deploy your wings.

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In summary, Sagittarius and Pisces allow you to better aim for your star, to rediscover the call of the marvelous, to have faith in the support of the Universe and Taurus gives you the strength to reinvent yourself, to refocus to dare to feel fully yourself, a unique being who realizes himself on his own path.

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New Moon of November 23, 2022: these 3 signs will be impacted