Netflix: here are all the secret codes that will change your daily life, the news!

If you have a Netflix account, then you might know the secret codes to enter. These codes allow you to access categories or subcategories hidden in the platform. If you love the platform but can’t filter content you want to watch according to specific criteria. So, these codes can help you. This hidden feature will then let you discover the movies and series of your choice, according to your tastes. We’ll explaine everything here !

Do you know the secret codes?

Do you want to find a German film, an LGBTQ+ series, a horror film perfect for Halloween? And this, in just a few seconds. So, remember to use the secret codes. You will then find the categories and subcategories you like without wasting too much time. However, you have to know the secret codes for it.

Access to these categories is not very complicated. Just enter them in the search bar from your TV and type one of the numbers below. Or, if you are using a computer, then it will take go to the following address : “ “. You then have to add one of the secret codes to it. In addition, to easily find the category that interests you, just press the Ctrl+F or Cmd+F keys on your keyboard.

Netflix secret code list

Action & Adventure

Regarding the Category Action & Adventurethere are many options on Netflix. LAction & Adventure (1365), Asian Action Movies (77232), Action & Adventure Classics (46576), Action Comedies (43040).

Or action thrillers (43048), adventures (7442), comics and Superhero Movies (10118), westerns (7700). Finally, there are spy films (10702), martial arts films (8985) and war & action films (2125).

The Anime category on Netflix

If you like anime, Netflix offers many options. The anime (7424), adult animation (11881), SF anime (2729), comedy anime (9302). Or action anime (2653), horror anime (10695), drama anime (452).

Finally, we can find, using the following codes, the fantasy anime (11146). Japanese animated films (3063), animal stories (5507) and the series Japanese animation (6721).

Comedies on Netflix

Netflix also offers many comedies. If you are interested, enter the following codes. The Comedies (6548), comedy anime (9302), slapstick comedies (10256), horror comedies (89585). Or, late-night comedies (1402), dramatic comedies (869), wacky comedies (9702), musicals (13335).

In addition, there are political comedies (2700), teen comedies (3519). Romantic comedies (5475), and sports comedies (5286). Finally, there are foreign comedies (4426), mockumentaries (26), satires (4922) and stand-ups (11559).


For documentaries on Netflix, find them easily with these codes. For the ddocumentaries (6839), biographical documentaries (3652), historical documentaries (5349), music and concert documentaries (90361).

In addition, there are crime documentaries (9875), political documentaries (7018), religious documentaries (10005), spirituality documentaries (2760), sports documentaries (180). Or army documentaries (4006), travel and adventure documentaries (1159). Foreign documentaries (5161), science and nature documentaries (2595) and society and culture documentaries (3675).

The drama category on Netflix

Many Netflix subscribers also rave dramas (5763). We then find LGBTQ dramas (500), biographical dramas (3179), dramas based on real events (3653), dramas based on books (4961).

In addition, there are crime dramas (6889), political dramas (6616), romantic dramas (1255), social dramas (3947). Or even sports dramas (7243), dramas about the army (11), dramas about the fates of stars (5012).

classic movies

Find more easily your classic movies (31574) on Netflix. We therefore find the classic action and adventure (46576), the romantic classics (31273), Classic Comedies (31694), Classic Musicals (32392), Classic Dramas (29809).

Or the film noir category (7687), classic war films (48744), silent films (53310), classic SF and fantasy (47147). Finally, easily find classic series (46553), classic thrillers (46588), classic westerns (47465) or epics (52858).

Horror films

It’s the season horror movies. With Halloween, many subscribers on Netflix are crazy about a little horror film (8711). We then find the horror comedies (89585), horror films with vampires (7580), horror films with zombies (75405), cult horror films (10944).

In addition, one can easily find horror and supernatural films (42023), horror films on the abyss (45028). Horror films about werewolves (75930), foreign horror films (8654). Or again, monster movies (947), slasher movies and serial killers (8646). Satanic stories (6998) and scares with teenagers (52147).

Independent films on Netflix

With independent films (7077) from Netflix, there are independent comedies (4195). Or independent dramas (384), independent action and adventure films (11804), experimental films (11079). Or, independent romantic films (9916), and independent thrillers (3269).

International movies

For international movies on Netflix, there are many different types. We find the cAfrican cinema (3761), Australian cinema (5230), Belgian cinema (262), Korean cinema (5685), Latin American cinema (1613). Then there are other categories. Such as Middle Eastern cinema (5875), New Zealand cinema (63782), Russian cinema (11567), Scandinavian cinema (9292).

Then, we find South East Asia (9196), Spanish cinema (58741), Greek cinema (61115), German cinema (58886), french cinema (58807), Eastern European cinema (5254). For the Netherlands (10606), Irish cinema (58750), Japanese cinema (10398), Italian cinema (8221) and Indian cinema (10463). Finally, the codes for Chinese cinema (3960) and British cinema (10757).

Youth and family films

A large portion of Netflix customers are young or have children. For children and family films (783), the Disney category (67673). We therefore find films inspired by children’s books (10056), films for the family (51056), films for 0-2 year olds (6796). Or films for 11-12 year olds (6962), films for 3-4 year olds (6218).

Films for 5-7 year olds (5455) and films for 8-10 year olds (561). Then there are animal stories (5507), music for children (52843), for children (27346). Finally, animated series (11177) and the youth educational category (10659).

Christmas movies on Netflix

The Christmas time fast approaching. To satisfy your cravings, here are the necessary Netflix secret codes. For British Christmas films for children and families (1527064), Canadian Christmas films for children and families (1721544). But also the good humor youth and family Christmas films (1475066) and the youth and family Christmas films (1474017).

Then there are the goofy Christmas movies for youth and family (1475071), the Christmas movies for children and families from the 1990s (1476024). Christmas films for the family and 11-12 year olds (1477206) and Christmas films for the family and 5-7 year olds (1477201). Or Christmas films for the family and 8-10 year olds (1477204), Christmas films for families (1394522). European Christmas films for children and families (1527063) and romantic Christmas films (1394527).

Romantic films

For the great romantics, there happen to be a lot of romantic movies (8883) on Netflix. But also cromantic classics (31273), romantic comedies (5475), romantic dramas (1255), must-see romance movies (502675).

Then there are independent romantic films (9916), steamy romantic films (35800). Romantic foreign films (7153), eccentric romance (36103).

sports movies

For the Fsports movies (4370), there are many secret codes on Netflix. Such as martial arts, boxing and wrestling (6695), sports comedies (5286), sports documentaries (180), sports dramas (7243). Or again, boxing films (12443), football films (12549).

Baseball Movies (12339), Basketball Movies (12762), Football Movies (12803). Finally, films about martial arts (8985) and the sports and fitness category (9327).

The LGBTQ+ category on Netflix

For fans of LGBTQ+ movies (5977), don’t worry. There are codes for you! There are LGBTQ Comedies (7120), LGBTQ Documentaries (4720), LGBTQ Dramas (500), LGBTQ Romantic Movies (3329) and LGBTQ Series (65263).

SF and fantasy on Netflix

The SF and fantasy (1492) remains a beloved category on Netflix. As well as categories like action, SF and fantasy (1568), aliens and SF (3327), SF adventures (6926), SF dramas (3916).

Then, horror and SF films (1694), fantasy films (9744), foreign SF & Fantasy (6485), classic SF and fantasy (47147). Or even cult SF and fantasy (4734) and SF thrillers (11014).

teen series

When it comes to teens, there are also secret Netflix codes for them. Such as steen series (60951), teen comedies (3519), teen dramas (9299) and teen horror (52147).

Thrillers on Netflix

With thrillers (8933) on Netflix, you won’t be disappointed. We find gangster films (31851), intrigues (9994), classic thrillers (46588), action thrillers (43048), spy thrillers (9147).

Then, one can easily find sci-fi thrillers (11014), independent thrillers (3269), crime thrillers (10499), and political thrillers (10504). Finally, there are psychological thrillers (5505), supernatural thrillers (11140). Steamy Thrillers (972) and Foreign Thrillers (10306).


Regarding other categories, there are dozens of them. We then find thert and essay (29764), film noir (7687), gangster films (31851), experimental films (11079). Or fantastic films (9744), films on faith and spirituality (52804).

Satanic stories (6998), satires (4922). In addition, categories found only on Netflix (839338), stand-up (11559), all films offered (34399) or epics (52858).

Netflix: here are all the secret codes that will change your daily life, the news!