Neni and Facu the Argentine duo that conquers the world with their message of Love

-Where they are?

-I think that people are from all the places through which the path of life has taken us and especially those where we have given and received the most love, those places where the memories and ties that give foundation to the territory of the soul are engraved. In this sense, I would say that Neni is from Buenos Aires after a long journey through different parts of the country and abroad. In this sense, I would also say that I am from a place in the mountains called Luti and from a neighborhood on the outskirts of Córdoba close to Saldan. We were both born in the city of Córdoba capital, in the center of the Argentine Republic and we currently live in that same city.

How was the relationship between you born?

-I like to say that ours is a “birth love” (perhaps an exaggerated variety of love at first sight haha), when she was born I was almost two years old, our parents had a beautiful friendship, they visited each other every week and We shared many moments, in those encounters the love between us was also born, with the innocence and purity of two children playing with life but with the strength and wonder with which the magic of childhood seals experiences and feelings in the soul that we They accompany us throughout life, that is why we have always been, in some way, for each other part of life mutually.

-When did you begin to interact personally with art?

-Beautiful question, also in childhood, Neni was always a diva, since she was little, dancing, singing all day, making characters from novels, always very romantic, those were her games and obviously she urged me to participate, as a guitarist, as a partner , as a gallant, I always rather shy and philosophical (I think that was irresistible to him haha) I participated in those games in my own way because it was and is impossible not to get infected by his celebrating energy of life. In my parents’ house there is a low terrace with all the appearance of a beautiful stage where that girl gave her shows decorating her hair with bridal crown flowers that we cut from the patio. This is how that feeling of being a “duo” for life was born. Afterwards, each of us walked his path of training in art until we met again in adulthood.

Do they have other professions?

-Neni is an actress, publicist, journalist and host of Agencia Nova and Roku TV USA, I would say that I am a man of seven trades, as well as a Social Worker, poet and singer-songwriter.

What things unite you personally?

-Currently we have been a couple for three years but as I said above it is a lifelong story and by sharing now in adulthood it is as if the records of the soul are opened and memories, images and sensations from long ago come back clearly time that give the relationship a unique depth both for her and for me. We also share a taste for music, for making songs, for nature, communication in all its forms, good cooking and family.

-When was the common dream of forming a musical duo born?

-We both like to sing, it is something that has always been in both of our lives, we have the same way of living and feeling music, songs are for us a way of expressing things of the soul, of dreaming, of healing, to participate in people’s lives, and clearly being together gives us the pleasure of hearing the heart say its things in two voices. But a few months ago Neni was organizing her show with Jorge Villarreal, a great musician from Córdoba, they had it quite advanced but Jorge saw us together and said “you have to do a duet” and we liked the idea, we began to think seriously In the project, we were also encouraged by another great musician and a great friend of Neni el Chino Asencio, with similar artists motivating us and advising us, we got down to work and began to walk the path of officially being a duo also in music.

-How did your first release as a duo begin to take shape on “Tu Risa”?

-Each song has its own gestation process, inspiration finds its way in a particular way in each work, in the case of “Tu risa” it all began with the last verse of the lyrics, “your laughter on your shoulder”, and that is I was so in love and so happy to be so that I naturally woke up earlier, took longer steps, sang clearly and also believed again in the most beautiful causes of humanity, so I needed to do something to share this joy with people, ” change the world” let’s say, a revolution, but a revolution of pure love, then I saw myself going out to that fight carrying on my shoulder (as ammunition was carried in the Mexican revolution for example) the laughter of the woman I loved.

She also needed to do something to vindicate Neni’s laughter and way of being, spontaneous, happy, passionate, caring, dreamy, positive, with that contagious vital energy and her outburst of laughter when she manages to help someone fulfill their dreams. She comes from a very religious and conservative family, when she was little they told her, for example, that she shouldn’t laugh like that because it doesn’t correspond to a lady, also obviously they didn’t welcome the news of our love and our decision to defend it, there was and continues having a lot of resistance which led me to fight for what is ours with the only tool that I consider valid, the word, poetry. In my poetic work I have always been interested in building links between the biographical and the historical, that is, starting from a personal, apparently unique situation and through that reality touching aspects of social life, fibers of the collective soul that mobilize many people from similar way. Thus it was that her laugh became for me a symbol of love and hope, in that healing melody that we seek daily to give us strength in the face of the rigors of life, her laugh also became a symbol of the struggles of the peoples, those utopias that mobilize humanity towards their dreams, towards the idea of ​​a better future, towards the right to be what we feel we are without any absurd and oppressive power preventing it. Her laughter became that medicine, that hope, and we had to defend it by raising poetry, the song in the same way that the peoples raise their flags.

-Had you recorded in the studio before?

-Neni had recorded in the studio several times before in his career of so many years in the profession, in my case it was the first experience of recording in the studio, total magic, but with the wonder of current technology and the professional and technical quality of the producer “Tutti” Ruggiero. A very beautiful experience, listening to one’s own voice as if it were sounding from within oneself, for someone who loves to sing it is almost addictive, I would say haha.

How was the process of releasing the song?

The first step was obviously to write the poetry and put it to music, what I call a “sung poem” remained, then dare to show that song to the muse, that is, Neni, but she liked it a lot to the point of proposing to find a producer to make a quality recording, Neni’s prodigious management began there, we contacted “Tuti” who received the song with pleasure and did a great job in the arrangement and musicalization, achieved this, they followed the registration procedures in SADAIC with Guillermo Alfaro through Universal as a publisher, once this management was completed, the turn of distribution, that is, the process of uploading the material to digital platforms, in charge of Ezzien.

Everything happened in record time thanks to Neni’s magic and the professional capacity, human quality, effort and commitment of each one of those involved.

-How do you feel today to be part of the music industry as artists?

-Neni has extensive experience in the music industry, in her professional career she has always been related to professional musicians and artists, for my part the exercise of art was somewhat vocational, I have dedicated myself a lot but not professionally, not as a paid job , I saw it as something impossible, today thanks to Neni’s contribution, to that wealth of knowledge and multiple resources that a love relationship focused on the growth of all implies, I have had to verify that it is possible to make music a job, there is a lot to learn, a lot to discover but with dedication, commitment, a positive attitude and accompanied by talented, responsible and generous people, the possibility of making music also an economic tool to live opens up, which is a dream that is becoming a reality step by step. pass, very motivating.

Do you have friends in the industry?

-Yes, throughout this process we have had the support of different friends in the music industry, each one contributing from their specific area, their capacity and experience.

-Is spirituality important to you?

-For us, life is a spiritual path, a path of growth, expansion of consciousness, search and exercise of being and the values ​​that we embrace. From this perspective, art has also been a tool for the development and communication of these processes. of the soul. Each one of us has made his experiences in different spiritual currents but today we find ourselves creating our own way of understanding life and the relationship with the idea of ​​God, simply being true, being grateful, working from and towards love for ourselves, for others and for life in general.

-What has been the return of the public in front of this wonderful work?

-The response has been wonderful, we have received signs of affection and admiration that exceed what we could imagine, it is very exciting to hear the messages of people from different parts of the planet, each with their own particular accent celebrating the song and encouraging us to move forward, The concrete support of the public is also very mobilizing through subscriptions on the different platforms, numbers that grow daily and that represent people who make us part of their lives through our work.

-How do you combine the couple with the musical career?

-We share life, dreams, projects, we feel like a duo, a team in everything, that’s how we do our day to day, a musical career is one of those projects that involves our artistic vocation and that we really enjoy doing together.

Is there a new song coming?

-Many songs are coming, we are both singer-songwriters, for us the song is something sacred, something that gives meaning to our lives, that unites us deeply and enables us to reach people, touch their souls and receive their love. The idea is to create and continue creating, sharing, growing together, addressing different musical genres and enjoying this possibility of being what we dream of being as children.

-What is your new dream to fulfill for this 2023?

-Keep walking this magical path where dreams are fulfilled step by step, keep meeting very beautiful people, keep creating and above all go towards the moment we meet together under the lights of a stage sharing what we love the most.

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Neni and Facu the Argentine duo that conquers the world with their message of Love