Nastya: the rebirth of the Yarákä is a ritual

The reportage he tells is online Nastyathe new project of Yarákä, a band from Taranto dedicated to the research and musical revival of traditions revisited in a world key. The popular sounds of the South of the world meet the rediscovery of the Tarantino dialect, a combination that becomes the stylistic feature of this journey.
Nastya from the Greek anastasis (rebirth) is a project that finds its central fulcrum in rituality: the goal is to sublimate in music the ancestral relationship between man and nature played between primitive spirituality and popular beliefs.
Nastya’s journey unfolds throughout southern Italy, from Puglia to Sicily, starting from the old city of Taranto, the setting for the reportage created to tell the genesis of the ensemble and the research work carried out with the aim of rediscovering and enhance the traditions of the past.
For this reason the unpublished passages draw from ancient texts, including: Maletìmbe, invocation to St. John recited in an ancient ritual which consisted in throwing bread to the 4 winds to ward off bad weather; Tuppe tuppe, a song in the Tarantino dialect of Holy Week born in the streets of the old city, based on the music of Cacace’s Hymn to Dead Christ; Fascène, phrases and conjurations used during the debasement, a secret ritual to heal from physical or mental ailments once unknown.
The preview performance of some live pieces alternates with the story of the new repertoire. This story takes place in the streets of the old city of Taranto, the beating heart of Taranto: from the Church of San Domenico to the Church of Sant’Andrea degli Armeni passing through the paleochristian hypogeum “Antro della sirena”. The music of the Yarakä, from Taranto doc, becomes an instrument to spread in an authentic way through the use of the city dialect the ideals and the millenary history of the city of the two seas.
The reportage, directed by director Gabriele Vitale, is produced by Zero Nove Nove with the contribution of Puglia Sounds Producer 2022 – operation financed under the POC PUGLIA 2007-2013 – Action “Development of cultural and entertainment activities”.
Who are the Yarákä? Yarákä is a project focused on enhancing the multi-ethnic component, in particular the common rhythmic matrix coming from Africa, which acts as a catalyst and allows you to go further experimenting daring contaminations with Mediterranean and Southern Italian sounds.
The main pillar of the ensemble is the rediscovery of the Tarantino dialect, a character that makes the musical research of the band formed by Gianni Sciambarruto (guitar, berimbau), Virginia Pavone (voice and percussion) and Simone Carrino (ethnic percussion) unique.
In 2018 they released the debut album Invocação, in 2021 the single Maletímbe. In 2018-21 they performed in some festivals including Ethnos (Generations finalists), Parodi Award (finalists), Raizes (Catania), Bari in Jazz, Il Cammino Celeste, Due Mari Wine Fest, Bari Brasil Film Fest, etc. In 2019 they are also the protagonists of a mini tour in Austria (Vienna and Linz) and Germany (Munich and Regen).

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Nastya: the rebirth of the Yarákä is a ritual – Corriere di Taranto