Nada tonight in concert in Rome at the Monk: «Playing the part of anticoformista is challenging. Now I’m solved “

“I don’t hide the fact that sometimes playing the part of the nonconformist is challenging. But it brings great satisfaction », smiles the former chick from Gabbro, the nickname that was given to her by critics at the time of participation in the Sanremo Festival in 1969 with Ma che cold fa.
At the time Nada Malanima was just 15 years old. Today he is 68. And he doesn’t want to talk about the past: «I have already done so, with two books (one of which, My human heart, released in 2008, last year inspired the Rai1 film The girl who did not want to sing). Now I would like to talk about the present ».

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Nada tonight in concert in Rome: “Now I’m resolved”

His is represented by the new album Fear goes away if thoughts shine, the twenty-first of his career, just arrived in stores. She presents him tonight in concert at the Monk.

You always fight and always go against the tide, sing in We will remain united, one of the songs contained in the disc: is it a self-portrait?
“Yup. I’ve always been like that, subversive and intolerant. Over time I learned to bring out my temper, imposing myself ».

Even in your work?
“Especially in my work.”

And how many opportunities has this temper you talk about made you lose over the years?
“Excuse me, but is it a psychoanalytic session?”

No, an interview.
«I didn’t want to take those opportunities. I made some choices, maybe even unpopular ones, but for me they were the right ones. But please, I’m sick of talking about the past. I can say that today I feel like an artist and a resolute woman. I am having a very good time in my career. I care about this record. I have been waiting for a long time to carry it around ».

Who did you record it with?
“With John Parish, an English producer known for his collaborations with PJ Harvey, Eels, Tracy Chapman: I had already entrusted him with the previous ones All the love that I miss in 2004 (the album by Senza un Why, which Paolo Sorrentino included in soundtrack of The Young Pope, helping to make Nada a cult artist, ed) and It’s a difficult moment, treasure of 2019 ».

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What do you share?
“We are similar, temperamentally speaking. Two musicians who like to go against the grain, as an outsider. If today I am so satisfied it is also because over the years I have surrounded myself only with my fellow men ».

One of the songs on the album is called Nada yoga: practice?
“No. The Nada of the title has nothing to do with my name. It is a yoga discipline that helps those who practice it to seek out the inner sound ».

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You are welcome?
“It is a vibration that is hidden within us: our guiding spirit.”

She seems expert, though.
«I discovered this discipline thanks to a fan who, on the occasion of a meeting in a bookstore years ago, to sign copies of a record, gave me a booklet on the subject. I felt predestined ».

Did you find that inner sound?
“Not yet. I keep looking for it. There is a lot of spirituality on the record: making your thoughts shine means exorcising your fears, which is what I do with writing ».

Monk, via Giuseppe Mirri 35. Tonight, 10pm.


Nada tonight in concert in Rome at the Monk: «Playing the part of anticoformista is challenging. Now I’m solved ”