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October 13, 2022 at 8:49 a.m. – Modified: October 17, 2022 at 7:31 a.m. by Dolorès CHARLES

The La Roche-sur-Yon film festival opens this Monday (October 17) in Vendée! For this 13th edition, the FIF is offering around a hundred films – short and feature films. Some compete in one of two categories, “international” and “new waves”. But beyond this competition, the artistic direction of the Yonnais festival is keen to defend the fact of offering a preview of many films. A unique side which is the red thread of this generalist event, and open to all public.

Charlotte Serrand, the artistic director, joined by Dolorès Charles:

“That edition promises to be rich in color, eclectic, open to all audiences, for all ages and for all tastes. The festival formula that is dear to us, I like to say that there is not one guest, but guests. We welcome many directors of films that we present and in particular this year: Gad Elmaleh, comedian, director, actor for his new film “Reste un peu”. A witty comedy, as he calls it. We will also welcome the director and actor Roschdy Zem for his new film “Les Miens”, and the British director Andréa Arnold, who paints a contemporary portrait of British society, with an ardent and very cheerful punk style. On this occasion, we will present her new film, “Cow”, a film about a dairy cow that she films like a real human being.”

The red thread, one could say that it is the unpublished side, since these are only films which have never been presented in France, which will make their premiere at La Roche sur Yon or their preview. Otherwise, we are a generalist festival. The idea being to show an image of contemporary cinema, of what is being done in cinema today, in all its forms, in all its richness. There is no particular theme or criteria, except for the original aspect.”

Gad Elmaleh on Tuesday, and Roschdy Zem on Wednesday

The FIF will show tomorrow (Tuesday, October 18) at the Manège the first film by comedian Gad Elmaleh “Stay a bit“. A “spiritual comedy” between fiction and documentary, in which Gad Elmaleh plays his parents, and tackles the question of religion, without taboo. Actor Roschdy Zem will be present this Wednesday, October 19 at the Manège to present the film “Mine.”

“It’s that it’s a very different facet from the one we know a priori of Gad Elmaleh, which touched me a lot because he reveals himself and reveals himself enormously in the film. He plays with his own parents , he also has his sister play. There is a relationship between fiction and documentary which is very interesting… and also by its theme, the way in which it will approach the question of religion without taboos, without makeup, of extremely open way as I find we see very little in the cinema. That’s what seduced me in the film.”

The FIF wishes to bring together all the arts

There are also logistical novelties since there is a new contemporary music room, which has opened in La Roche-sur-Yon, the “Quay M“, and the FIF 85 will invest this new room? The festival also invited the DJ Vitalic for an evening, recalls Charlotte Serrand the artistic director:

“We are extremely happy about it because it’s a truly magnificent venue. This year, we collaborated with Le Quai M and Benoît Bénazet. And on Saturday evening, at 10:30 p.m., we will receive Vitalic, an electronic DJ musician . It’s a choice that is also closely linked to cinema, since Vitalic has composed the music for many films. To develop: what is important to us is obviously to weave as many links as possible between the different artistic practices, between cinema, music, painting, but obviously also between the different cultural structures.

Movie theater. The La Roche-sur-Yon film festival opens today – HIT WEST