Montagna Doc

The review is back Montagna Doc – Stories of resistance and resilience at the Cinema delle Valli of Villar Perosa (To).

Scheduled every Saturday at 6.30pm, until December 3rd, 5 events dedicated to the mountains and adventure, as physical and spiritual places. Each screening will be preceded by a themed meeting with guests: directors, journalists, experts and protagonists of the documentaries.

No.the transformation of the cinema into a television studio for 3 of the appointments on the bill is absolute obviousness. First official collaboration between the Cinema delle Valli and the newborn RBE TV based in Luserna San Giovanni (To). The audience and speakers will be the protagonists of “Seratina film”, a space dedicated to films, documentaries and short films produced in Piedmont whose purpose is to enhance them and make them known to the public through television.

Saturday 5th November protagonist a great mountaineering enterprise with Shooting by Mario Fantin for Italy K2 by Mario Fantin, a montage made in 2021 dedicated to the expedition sponsored by the CAI in 1954 and directed by the geologist Ardito Desio who will be able for the first time to reach the second highest peak in the world: K2. Guest in the hall Roberto Mantovanifreelance journalist from Torre Pellice and historian of European and extra-European mountaineering.

Saturday 12th NovemberBlood Red Snow by Daniel Daquino And Ilmurrán – Maasai in the Alps by Sandro Bozzolo, the first dedicated to the massacre of Valmala on 6 March 1945, when nine Garibaldi partisans were killed by the Monterosa Alpine troops at the end of the war, while the second documents the experience of Leah and Silvia, a young Maasai and a bergera (shepherd of sheep) who in 2014 shared the pasture on the pastures of the Maritime Alps. Maasai and Bergé are similar peoples, marked by a parallel history: both practice nomadic pastoralism and find themselves walking in a delicate balance on the borderline between tradition and modernity. In the room the director Daniel Daquino and the protagonist Silvia Somà. Event in collaboration with RBE TV.

Saturday 19th November Cannabis Rock by Franco Fornaris, short but intense ‘beat’ experience of a group of young Piedmontese climbers who, from 1973 to 1975, revolutionized the traditionalism of the Piedmontese and Italian mountaineering world, transferring the restless and creative climate of ’68 to the rocks. The alpinist is a guest in the room Andrea Giorda. Event in collaboration with RBE TV.

Saturday 26th NovemberThe mountaineer by Giacomo Piumatti and Fabio Mancari (guests in the room), documentary dedicated to Agostino “Gustin” Gazzera, a Fiat worker in the 1950s, in love with mountaineering who dreams of traveling the mountain routes opened by legendary mountaineers. The Alpinist retraces the events of a man whose strong curiosity and determination push him higher and higher, making him live mythical experiences between the Piedmontese peaks and the four thousand Valle d’Aosta. Event in collaboration with RBE TV.

Montagna Doc closes on Saturday 3rd Decemberwith On the blue path 2022 documentary by Gabriele Vacis which follows a group of autistic children who, in the company of their doctors and educators, walk the 200 km long path of the Via Francigena in 9 days. A journey of growth and knowledge, between effort and fun. In the hall Ornella Giordana (contact person “The Mountain that helps” CAI Turin – CAI Central Hiking Commission), Loretta Costantino(Head of BUM Center for Autism Diaconia Valdese) e Emanuele Gabaglio (president of ASD Excursion Trekking).

For all the Montagna Doc screenings, the entrance ticket costs € 6, reduced € 4 with the Community card.

MOUNTAIN Doc is produced by the Piemonte Movie Association – Cinema delle Valli, in collaboration with RBE TV, with the participation of Uncem, Pomaretto montagnALIVE – mountanhoVIVO, Diaconia Valdese Valli – Bum Centro Autismo, Arci Valle Susa Pinerolo, Cineforum Pinerolo, Ama – Auto Mutuo Aid ODV , thanks to the Museo della Montagna Cai Torino, Cineteca Cai Milano, Enrico Camanni, Enrico Verra.

Montagna Doc – Stories of resistance and resilience at the Cinema delle Valli in Villar Perosa –