The confrontation (the only one between the two after Agcom’s no at Porta a Porta) will be moderated by director Fontana. Calenda protests Letta and Meloni did not want to expand, they will answer the same questions remotely

A face to face American-style, with clear rules, limited times and under the banner of fair play. Georgia Melons and Henry Read they will face each other live in the Roman studios of CorriereTv, tomorrow starting at 6pm. The debate will be moderated by the director of the Corriere, Luciano Fontana and will be visible in streaming video on the Corriere della Sera website (

The rules of comparison – the only one, after that Agcom canceled the one announced from the program conducted by Bruno Vespa, Porta a Porta, for 22 September – they foresee a block of equal questions for the two leaders and a second block of specific questions for each of the two. Reply interventions and finally an appeal to the voters are also allowed.

The organization of the debate was entrusted to the staff of the president of the Brothers of Italy and the secretary of the Democratic Party. Face-to-face topics will naturally be the programmes, the strengths of each candidate but, as the staff always clarify, above all the different, opposite vision of the Italy we want. They will be the subject of discussionamong others, the necessary economic measures to adopt to overcome the emergency of high bills, the hypothesis of a constitutional reform in the presidential direction, and social issues.

We have received many authoritative requests – explained the communication managers of Meloni and Letta – but the very tight times of the electoral campaign forced us to choose to do only one comparison for paper printed and web: hence the decision to entrust the face to face to first Italian newspaper.

The confrontation on TV again between Letta and Meloni, on the other hand, although already set and promoted by Rai1 for September 22, has been canceled by Agcom. They had turned to the Communications Guarantee Authority exponents politicians and the Rai Supervisory Commission: they objected that in the proportional electoral system a debate between only the representatives of the major parties (according to the polls) did not respect the level playing field. Agcom approved a resolution by majority which, starting from the assumption that the current electoral law does not provide for the indication of coalition leaders but only of party leaders, has denied the possibility that a single duel between Letta and Meloni alone would take place on TV. It would cause – the Agcom commissioners wrote – an undue payment advantage election and would not comply with the principles of impartiality of information.

He doesn’t give up Charles Calenda, leader of Action: We asked to broaden the comparison, but Letta and Meloni don’t think about it. So I will participate remotely, connecting from another studio and also invite With you.

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Meloni-Letta, tomorrow Monday 12 September face-to-face live at 6pm on