Mario Tozzi, a geologist in defense of the environment

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Biography of a science communicator

Each of us lives on his skin what happens when balances of nature are shocked: by climate changes that deprive us of rain for months, up to the pandemic originating from the contact between humans and wild species.

It is precisely in times like these that the scientific publication assumes a very important role. Because, if the technical concepts are translated into clear, correct and simple language, even the layman – who are the vast majority of the population – can make an informed opinionchange their individual behaviors and weigh the commitment of institutions and companies.

One of the most famous faces of science in Italy is Mario Tozzi. Roman, graduated in Geology with a PhD in Earth Sciences, he specialized in the geological evolution of the central-eastern Mediterranean Sea. He is currently a researcher at the Institute of Environmental Geology and Geoengineering of the National Research Council (Cnr).

The general public appreciates him above all for his tireless activity of disclosureon paper, on radio or on TV, which has seen him alongside researchers from other disciplines as well as well-known personalities of the show.

The books written by Mario Tozzi

In addition to being a television face, Mario Tozzi is a prolific author. Collaborate permanently with the newspaper The print and magazines Le Frecce and Qui Touring, and has written dozens of books for various publishing houses. We mention a few:

  • “Gaia, a single planet” (2009), “Why the Earth Sciences” (2010) and “Journey to Italy” (2010), published by De Agostini.
  • “The future of energy” (2011), for Edizioni Ambiente.
  • “Why volcanoes wake up” (with Federico Taddia, 2011), for Giunti.
  • “Gaia. Journey into the heart of Italy “(2004),” Catastrophes “(2005),” Dry Italy “(2006),” Secret Italy “(2009) and” Planet Earth last act “(2012), published by Rizzoli.
  • “Tecnobarocco” (2015) and “Fears out of place” (2017), published by Einaudi.
  • “L’Italia intatta” (2018), “How Italy was born” (2019) and “An uncomfortable balance. Viruses, men and pandemics “(2021), published by Mondadori.
  • “An hour and a half to save the world” (with Lorenzo Baglioni, 2020), published by Rai Libri.
  • “Earthphonia” (with Max Casacci, 2020), published by Slow Food.

TV programs with Mario Tozzi

Mario Tozzi’s great fame derives above all from his long television career. Between programs he conducted there are:

  • “Sapiens, a single planet” and “Sapiens doc” on Rai 3 (from 2019 to today)
  • “Out of Place” on Rai 1 (2014-2017)
  • “Atlantide” and “Allarme Italia” on La7 (2011-2012)
  • “La Gaia Scienza” on La7 (2009-2010) on La7
  • “Third Planet” on Rai 3 (2007-2008)
  • “Gaia – the living planet” on Rai 3 (2000-2007)
  • 10 documentaries “La Via Francigena” for Rai Giubileo-Rai 3
  • 120 documentaries from the series “Che bellaItalia” for Rai International

He also collaborated on:

  • “Kilimanjaro” on Rai 3 (from 2015)
  • “King-Kong” on Rai 3 (1999-2000)
  • “Geo & Geo” on Rai 3 (1996-2004)

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