Lindsay Lohan new movie? New form for the actress

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Lindsay Lohan new movie? The real news is another and that is that his return to work coincides with his return to life. After years marked by alcohol and drug addictions and food problems, the blonde actress is finally in a new state of psycho-physical balance. It will also be thanks to his first lead role in about ten years in the film “Falling for Christmas” which gave her the opportunity to play the role of a young heiress named Sierra who, due to an accident on the snow, loses her memory. She will be, but not quite. She herself explains on the web that still feeling useful to her helped her to leave the house after difficult months. Here are more details.

Lindsay Lohan new movie, yoga

Mens sana in corpore sano, the ancients said it and the former Disney prodigy also supports it, who has now begun to follow a precise training routine capable of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is how she explains her new lifestyle:

“I go to the gym three or four days a week. I’m not one to run outdoors, but I love the treadmill. I put on my headphones, activate the treadmill, set a certain incline and alternate between brisk walking, jogging and sprinting.”

But the center of rebirth is yoga which Lindsay Lohan Instagram Stories show in profusion. And precisely from this ancient Indian discipline, the girl takes the cue to work not only on the body but also on mental health on which she declares:

“For me the concept of well-being is about taking care of yourself both physically and mentally. Having a good skincare routine is also part of that, as is eating healthy and surrounding yourself with stable, supportive people.”

Wise words to which the protagonist of “Machete” follows the facts. Every day, in fact, she always manages to carve out 10 to 15 minutes to carry out breathing exercises combined with some spiritual prayers. On this she said:

“It gives me time to focus. It will seem strange but I’m going to the bathroom to meditate. I turn on the shower and leave it running: the sound of the water calms me, it’s welcoming and it seems that no one can disturb me.”

The power supply

There is no doubt, therefore, that behind the Lindsay Lohan’s new Christmas movie there is a new balanced lifestyle but it should be specified that this also includes an equally balanced diet. On his culinary habits he expresses himself as follows:

“I love cooking and trying new recipes, it’s something that helps me incorporate healthy foods into my diet. I don’t have a sweet tooth but sometimes I want to enjoy a fast food meal. When I do it, I always choose the children’s size: this is my trick, even if my family always makes fun of me.”

Not only. At the Lohan home table there is never a lack of Chicken Parmesan, which consists of spaghetti covered with chicken cutlet and meatballs served before ham with syrup, stuffed turkey and sweet potatoes with marshmallows. And when she has the turkey left over, the actress prepares sandwiches in the following days.

This Christmas, Lindasy Lohan gave herself a gift… she found herself in full!

Lindsay Lohan new movie? New form for the actress