Le Vie dei Tesori in Catania: 5 weekends to discover 18 fascinating places and 14 unforgettable experiences

A program that is as curious and precious as this year never before: Le Vie dei Tesori returns to Catania for its fifth consecutive year and puts together a calendar of eighteen places, enriched by many experiences and walks, in the historic center and above all, outside the city, climb Mount Etna in search of gardens on lava, Japanese mushrooms, noble villas. We will visit for the first time a Roman tomb from the 5th century.

Acireale is also present in the festival, which instead offers a program of seven places and nine experiences, all to be discovered.

It starts on Saturday 1 October and then off for five weekends, again on Saturday and Sunday, until 30 October. Info on places and appointments, and on coupons on www.leviedeitesori.com

Here are the 18 places and experiences proposed by the festival program, built in collaboration with the Municipalities of Catana and Acireale, with the numerous associations in the area and with UniCredit as main sponsor, which will be presented on Thursday (29 September) at 10.30 am, in the Sala delle Scuderie of Castello Ursino.

1. Ancient workshop of the puppeteer Fratelli Napoli– Via Reitano, 55.

2. Bastion of the infected and walls of CarloV– Via Torre del Vescovo, 3.

3.Cartura art workshop– Via Passo d’Aci, 9.

4. Ega shoe factory– Via della Mecca, 6.

5. Bonajuto Chapel-Via Bonajuto, 11/13.

6.Ursino Castle (moat and courtyard)– Federico di Svevia square.

7. Church of San Nicolò l’Areana. The walkway – Piazza Dante Alighieri.

8. Church of Santa Chiara. Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 89.

9. Church of Santa Maria del Gesù– Piazza S. Maria del Gesù, 7.

10. Crypt of Sant’Euplio– Via S- Euplio, 1.

11. Grotta Amemano Cantine dell’Ostello– Piazza Currò, 1.

12. Ardizzone Gioeni Institute for the Blind– Via Etnea, 595.

13. Bellini Civic Museum– Piazza San Francesco d’Assisi, 3.

14. Asmundo di Gisira Palace– Via Gisira, 40.

15. Palace of culture (courtyard and terraces)– Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 121.

16. Scuderi Libertini Palace– Via Etnea, 468.

17. Catania historical society– Via Etnea, 248.

18. Villa Manganelli– Corso Italia, 41.


1. Aci Trezza at the time of the Grand Tour– Villa Fortuna in Via Lungomare dei Ciclopi, 137 – Aci Trezza.

2. Discovering the Lava Garden– Via Roma, 61 – Sant’Agata Li Battiati CT.

3. Catania on a sailing boat to discover the Waterfront– Via Beato Cardinale Dusmet inside the port, quay 19.

4. Ecopark La Fagianaia. “Ornamental” animals and where to find them– Viagrande, Via Cava 11.

5. Donkeys and focaccia: we are in Montatagrande – Via Dott. Giuseppe Zappalà, 45 – Trecastagni.

6. The Roman tomb from the 5th century– Via Antico Corso, 5.

7. Shipwrights: where trezzote boats are born– Via Lungomare Ciclopi, 193 – Acitrezza.

8. The rooms in bloom: a sensory journey between art and spirituality- Via Pietra dell’Ova, 181.

9. Linguaglossa: between hazelnut pastes and kisses– Piazza Matrice – Linguaglossa.

10. Sowing seeds in the garden of “The rooms in bloom”– Via Pietra dell’Ova, 185.

11. Nature and installations in the Park of Wonders– Via S. Ten. Nicolosi, 29 – San Giovanni La Punta.

12. In the tropical garden on the slopes of Etna– Via Trinità, 34 – Mascalucia.

13. Piazza Scamacca: a culinary center where the ancient church once stood– Piazza Scammacca.

14. RELAIS SAN GIULIANO: the charming historic residence at the foot of the volcano– Via G. Garibaldi, 280 – Viagrande.

15. A Japanese mushroom among lava caves, woods and bees– Etna Chalet and Mycopark in Via Carpene, 14 – Trecastagni.

16. Villa Di Bella: between agricultural traditions and famous filmsi- Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 298 – Viagrande CT.


Le Vie dei Tesori in Catania: 5 weekends to discover 18 fascinating places and 14 unforgettable experiences