Lannion. He has accumulated books for years: the bookseller shares his findings

Loïc Dano: “I accumulated for years, I hunted all the time, initially without any idea of ​​trading”. ©Le Tregor

“I made 25,000 trades. I even caught clams in Yaudet! » Since 1er December, Loic Dano is a seller of used books in the heart of downtown Lannion. Seller ? Otherwise more: it is at theteaches Le Bouquiniste that he runs a shop and the appellation is not usurped: in form as in substance, this is indeed the lair of an enthusiast.

I spent the whole month of November building my shelves and putting everything away. It’s a job to sort it all out.

Loïc Dano, bookseller

Gems on the shelves

A wall of pocket formats on the most diverse subjects, another with thrillers galore, this is the base, scrupulously classified. But start browsing and the shelves reveal their lots of little nuggets on themes that can be very specific. A good Breton fund – necessarily – neighbors with maritime literature, cinema, the arts, music, works of spirituality, a few comic book bins or even SF titles that will delight amateurs… Not to mention a little “hell” for those who revel in the cloak of the Curiosa genus.

“I have accumulated for years”

An eclecticism like the one who hunted down books for years before deciding to take the plunge.

I’m really a beginner, this is my first step. I created the stock from A to Z. I accumulated for years, I hunted all the time, and initially had no idea of ​​trading.

From the famous Corre bookstore (in the shadow of the Parliament of Rennes) to Voyelles, which had a good time in Lannion, from garage sales to book fairs, Loïc Dano has sharpened his curiosity and his knowledge everywhere, surveying all the senses the small world of book lovers.

The compulsive reader belatedly puts on the bookseller’s cap “for the love of the thing, to sell good books to readers who can be demanding”.

Spare the wallet

Here, there are no screens to check prices, availability… The spirit of the place is time regained, shared curiosities and the concern to spare the wallet of the amateurs.

Bibliophilia and rare books, the bookseller leaves that to others, even if he enjoys aligning a few editions in Pléiade or beautiful bindings that he knows are worth much more, especially online.

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I don’t want to be told that my books are expensive. The maximum for me must be 60€.

No more time to hunt!

So it’s started pretty well since the opening. On this market day, it’s even the parade and everyone finds his account : a book for the grandson, an anar book that delights a young man and even an illustrated book by Topor whose pranks make the eyes of a little lady who is also passionate about Aboriginal art sparkle…

“Yes, I have good echoes. I still have a lot of things at home and even if I have limited space here, I bring them back regularly. And I redo the window every day. The problem is that now I no longer have time to go antiquing! »

Loïc Dano bookseller Lannion
Le Bouquiniste took over from the gallery of creators and the manga shop which recently moved. ©Le Tregor
Le Bouquiniste, second-hand books, 16 rue Jean-Savidan, Lannion. Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2:30 p.m. to 6 p.m., tel. 06 40 72 16 60, email [email protected] Note: Loïc Dano does not take the credit card.

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Lannion. He has accumulated books for years: the bookseller shares his findings