‘La Voz del Desierto’, the legendary Catholic music group, celebrates the second day of a PEJ full of emotion

The second day of the European Youth Pilgrimage is over. Alvaro de Juanapresenter of ‘Iglesia Al Día’ and ‘Ecclesia’ on TRECE, is in Santiago de Compostela to give a minute-by-minute account of what happens in this meeting that will end on Sunday, August 7: “Today has been a day in which the pilgrims, the 12,000 young people, have been listening to some bishops who have been giving catechesis and in the afternoon they have participated in workshops. TRECE and COPE have ALSO given a workshop on television and radio”.

On this second day the young people have been able to enjoy some of the twenty catechesis in Spanish, Italian and English, to which the pilgrims have come to listen to a bishop about the Pope’s exhortation to the young Christus Vivit. After the catechesis, the young people were able to share their testimonies and questions to the bishops. In the afternoon there have been workshops conducted by experts in various areas such as communication, history, art, tradition, spirituality, integral ecology, love and sex, dignity of the person, etc.

And music and concerts cannot be missed. Álvaro de Juana was with ‘The Voice of the Desert’, “a mythical catholic music group that has been in this world for 20 years. They have been pioneers and have paved the way for many Catholic artists and groups who are also on the youth pilgrimage these days. This morning they did a little concert. Our colleague recounted while giving way to a small live performance for TRECE.


“At first it’s a bit hard, but it was worth it”, recount some of the pilgrims. Together with the young people, some 55 bishops from all over Spain have arrived in Santiago. Some of them have walked with them for days, as is the case of the Archbishop of Oviedo, Msgr. Jesús Sanz, a very special pilgrim. At 77 years old, he has hung his backpack on his back:“It was interesting for me and for them to see their bishop sweating it out. I have come with a group of 40 making a new path. I insisted a lot that they allow themselves to be surprised by a God who never bores us, who, although he tells us the same thing, never repeats himself. The goal is the same as the apostle James had: Jesus Christ.”

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‘La Voz del Desierto’, the legendary Catholic music group, celebrates the second day of a PEJ full of emotion