La Macarena launches its own television: “It will project hope to the entire planet”

La Macarena is one of those names from Seville that have transcended the entire world. The image of the Virgen de la Esperanza is more than just a local devotion and has become a universal brand. There are hundreds of replicas around the world of the brotherhood icon. This gives a good example of the relevance of the freak brother. There are so many macarenos around the world that the brotherhood has launched a pioneering project: the first television of a brotherhood.

It does so hand in hand with the Sevillian group Blogosur, an organization recognized for its work in live broadcasts and for the training of reporters. Now, Blogosur and La Macarena launch Macarena TVa model that will start on YouTube with its own direct programs, but that in the medium term they expect it to have “a daily grill”, according to indications from the brotherhood.

This new medium will begin with a basic programming grid, which will combine live broadcasts with other content already published, culminating in a 90-minute live monthly program. For this, Blogosur has donated to the brotherhood high quality robotic cameras to bring the best image to the whole world.

[La Hermandad de la Macarena “actuará según la ley” para exhumar a Queipo de Llano]

The Sevillian brotherhood is one of the references of Andalusian Holy Week and is the corporation to which the most people belong among the Andalusian brotherhoods: this year it will reach 17,000 brothers.

Macarena TV begins its broadcasts this Thursdayand will do so after streaming of the last day of the Triduum of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary. Next, a 90-minute program will begin in which the older brother of the brotherhood, José Antonio Fernández Cabrero, will participate. The vicar for the new evangelization of the Archdiocese of Seville, Óscar Díez Malaver, will also participate in this program.

The older brother has indicated that this means of communication “is a new voice that our Brotherhood adds to those it already has to tell, inform, train, amuse, disseminate, fraternize, evangelize and project hope to all corners of the planet“.

Macarena Televisión will broadcast through the Brotherhood’s profiles on the YouTube, Twitch and Facebook Live video platforms. The future of Macarena Television is create a digital tv app to install on any mobile device, screen or smart tv.

The potential audience of the new channel is very wide, and today the Macarena has more than 83,000 followers on Facebook, 58,600 on Twitter, 24,500 on Instagram, 15,000 on YouTube and 200 on the recently launched Twitch channel. A not inconsiderable number of channels and followers for an Easter brotherhood.

The goal is for Macarena TV “to be a self-sufficient meansfinanced through sponsorships and brands collaborating with the brotherhood”. Thus, Fernández Cabrero has encouraged the brothers “to make this television their own and to consider it, in addition to a service and a communication tool, a platform to publicize the society the best of our history, our culture, our spirituality and our daily activity”.

The Brotherhood of the Macarena of Seville recently returned to the media. The approval of the Democratic Memory Law pointed directly to his basilica. There remain the remains of Queipo de Llano, which will have to be exhumed. In this sense, the corporation has insisted that it “will act according to the law” and will exhume the military Francoist when applicable.

La Macarena launches its own television: “It will project hope to the entire planet”