Jeff Bridges: “I am a product of nepotism”

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Jeff Bridges, 72, returns to television after a difficult couple of years fighting lymphoma – currently in remission – and a terrible experience with Covid. But during that same period, he filmed a new seven-episode miniseries titled ‘The Old Man’, which opens on wednesday Disney+. The actor plays a former CIA agent, with dementia, who reappears after decades out of orbit. «I feel very good thanks to this character. I spent a year and a half in what I call a strange dream and then I came back and met all the people I left behind before my illness. Today I feel great, and I enjoy the opportunity to be back with the team, “says the actor, who also serves as executive producer of this new series.

Bridges decided to star in the series before going through his own health problems. And although cancer and Alzheimer’s are different, the actor acknowledges that his experience changed the perspective and approach of the character. “It has been a year of fighting my mortality. At such moments it seems that all your philosophies and spirituality are put to the test. As a man I have matured with experience and, although I have always led my life in the same way, returning to this character after my illness has made me understand my philosophy more clearly, “reveals the interpreter.


Bridges, a seven-time Oscar nominee, returns to television after decades devoted entirely to film. Despite his experience, he says he owes it all to his father, his “teacher.” «I am a product of nepotism. My father cast me in the series ‘Sea Hunt’ and I remember as an eight year old boy he sat me on his bed and taught me all the basics of acting. The most important thing I learned from him was the joy with which he approached his work,” explains an actor considered by critics to be the most natural and least self-aware that has ever existed. «When you are able to relax with the interpretation, you have fun. It’s about getting the story out there and not being uptight,” Bridges reveals to ABC.

In his role as Dan Chase, the character suffers from dementia and prostate problems, but is also capable of killing several hitmen half his age. «I face everything I do with an enormous capacity for resistance. I am reluctant to break my ass without committing one hundred percent. I have too many other things to do with my life to accept a job that I don’t like », he says.

movie vs. Serie

When the offer came [de ‘The Old Man’], I thought the role was very interesting. One of my concerns was how different it would be to make a movie than a series and it’s absolutely the same thing. You have enough time to do your job well », she admits.

Always remembered for his role as El Nota in ‘The Big Lebowski’, Bridges acknowledges that his character in ‘The Old Man’ is nothing like the iconic role that made him unforgettable in Hollywood. “Dan and El Nota are diametrically opposed. The Note is authentic, that’s why the public likes him so much. He is a guy who says what he thinks. He is who he is, take it or leave it. When you’re in the CIA and you’re a spy, you morph into different identities as needed and somehow lose your true identity. Not knowing who you are can be disconcerting. I think that is why they are two so different people », concludes the interpreter about the essence of his most emblematic character and his new role.

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Jeff Bridges: “I am a product of nepotism”