It presents “The Luminous Mystery. Marco Filiberti’s Parsifal”

Saturday 15th October at 5.30 pm at Palazzo Della Corgna in Città della Pieve the book “Il Mistero Luminoso. Il Parsifal di Marco Filiberti”, published by De Luca Editori d’Arte, will be presented to the public for the first time. Friday 28 October.

The volume that crosses the cinematographic work Parsifal, written and directed by Marco Filiberti, is edited by Anton Giulio Onofri, makes use of a rich set of photographs by Francesca Cassaro, awarded the prize as “Best photographic series of cinema” at the prestigious “CliCiak Prize Shots of Cinema – National Competition for Stage Photographers, XXV Edition 2022”, and contains critical interventions by Giovanni Bogani, Marco Filiberti, Anton Giulio Onofri, Luigi Pruneti and Paul Senhal.

The meeting will be held in the presence of the director, the curator, the photographer, the authors of the book and the interpreters of the film. The mayor, Fausto Risini will also be present. The meeting will be an opportunity to retrace the stages of a masterpiece presented in Italian cinemas in September 2021, whose long-awaited release was received by critics with enthusiastic acclaim.

Evidence of this is the fact that Parsifal by Marco Filiberti, produced by Dedalus, was among the eighteen Italian films in selection for the Academy Awards, and won all the festivals in which it appeared, including the 39th edition of the prestigious Flickers’ Rhode Island Film.

After the presentation of the book, at 9 pm, at the Teatro degli Avvaloranti, it will be possible to enjoy the vision of the film, considered an important and passionate project of “total work of art”, an initiatory journey that leads to the heart of the mystery of our lives, where spirituality and desire come almost to the point of merging into one another.

Two volumes have already been dedicated to Parsifal: the first, “My Parsifal: the fulfillment of a myth” (Titivillus, 2020), investigates the literary and philosophical aspects of the work, the second, “The Graal flow” (Zecchini, 2021 ), explores the musical sphere.

This third publication, published by De Luca Editori d’Arte, a publishing house of reference in the art and cinema sector (favored by Franco Zeffirelli and many others), is the most ambitious from a graphic point of view and is entirely dedicated to visual aspects of Parsifal, with particular attention to the numerous iconographic and iconological meanings expressed within the cinematographic work.

The volume includes, in addition to the aforementioned critical interventions, the “working notes” by Mauro Toscano, Livia Borgognoni and Daniele Gelsi, respectively director of photography, set designer and costume designer of the film.

“The Luminous Mystery. Marco Filiberti’s Parsifal” is a true art catalog accompanied by 160 high-definition color photographs, a precious and transmedia object that, in 200 pages, embraces all the arts, from photography to cinema, from theater to music celebrated by the Wagnerian opera For further information, reservations and purchase of tickets, please contact the Tourist Office of Città della Pieve.

It presents “The Luminous Mystery. Marco Filiberti’s Parsifal”