Inside Star Citizen: Inside the Merchantman

This episode of Inside Star Citizen is all about the Merchantman, the most iconic ship produced by the Banu aliens. As the ship is still in the production phase, everything presented in the video may still be subject to change.

Initial concept

Current Status - Star Citizen
Current state

The Merchantman is currently in the greybox phase for the exterior, while the interior is a little less advanced. The challenge for the developers is to fit everything that should be in the ship.

Here is the information we retain in this video on the exterior of the ship:

  • On either side of the front of the ship, retractable weapons (they merge into the hull) are controlled by the pilot.
  • Near the middle of the ship, on each side, there is a large mooring collar.
  • At the rear, the large wings are very decorated and worked. If in a previous video we could see that the developers were exploring folding the wings upwards, they changed direction and now propose that the wings retract telescopically
  • Under each wing, a remotely operated turret covers the bottom of the aircraft.
Retractable Weapons - Star Citizen
Retractable weapons

Wing decoration - Star Citizen
Decoration of the wings

Inside, the developers show us some of the pieces.

The bridge, located above the ship, is huge both horizontally and vertically. It has a large canopy which allows the crew to have a panoramic view of the exterior. As the Banu work as a family, they do not have a captain. So there is no special seat for this role. On the other hand, there is indeed a seat for the pilot and others for the operators of the remotely operated turrets. The seats use Xi’an technology and can gain height by magnetic levitation.

Bridge Seat - Star Citizen
Bridge seat

Pilot View - Star Citizen
Pilot view

Aft of the bridge there are changing rooms and escape pods. You can also climb to the entrance of the main turret. The latter is in a huge room decorated with stars. The gunner’s seat elevates and the top of the ship opens to give a wide field of view (this opening animation has not been shown).

Back of the catwalk - Star Citizen
Rear of the gangway

Locker Rooms and Escape Pods - Star Citizen
Locker rooms and escape pods

Going down behind the catwalk, we find a room called the Sanctuary. The Banu are very spiritually oriented and this coin is supposed to bring them good luck in their business.

Sanctuary - Star Citizen

On one side of the sanctuary is a medical room, with a medical bed and two recovery beds which have the particularity of being in liquid or even gelatinous form. A storage room for medicines is adjacent to the medical room.

Medical Room - Star Citizen
Medical room

The crew has quarters with a common room all round, and in a very refined style.

Recreation room - Star Citizen
recreation room

Crew Room - Star Citizen
Crew bedroom

The ship has a hangar that can accommodate a secondary ship, presumably a Defender or other device of comparable size.

Hangar - Star Citizen

Customers and guests have a special entrance, which takes them to the market or trading room.

The market is an oval-shaped room on two floors, with alcoves for displaying goods all around.

SAS VIP - Star Citizen

Market - Star Citizen

The negotiation room is a meeting room with a large table and seven seats. Two delegations of three people can take place on each side, and a mediator can be installed at one end. Next to this room there are rooms for important guests.

Trading Room - Star Citizen
Trading room

VIP Room - Star Citizen
VIP room

The cargo bay, which can be seen from the trading room, is huge and containers can be stacked several dozen meters.

Cargo Hold - Star Citizen
cargo hold

Since it’s a Banu ship, the developers wanted it to be welcoming and understandable to all races, but at the same time fit the size and customs of the Banu. Because they are a bit taller than humans, the rooms and openings are taller than on a UEE ship.

To reinforce the extraterrestrial aspect, the developers built the ship curvaceously, and revisited common concepts: for example the doors look like doors, but open in an unusual way for humans. The use of Xi’an technologies also contributes to this atmosphere.

Inside Star Citizen: Inside the Merchantman