In which theaters can you see “Argentina, 1985”, the film nominated for the Oscars | Premieres in 223 theaters

The film Argentina, 1985, who directed Santiago Mitre, this will be released Thursday September 29 in more than 223 small, independent movie theaters across the country. The film will be seen on the big screen three weeks before its release on the streaming platform Amazon Prime Video.

According to local distributor Digicine, the film starring Ricardo Darin Y Peter Lanzani It can be seen in movie theaters CABA, Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Santa Fe, Mendoza, Neuquén, Tucumán, Salta, La Rioja, Catamarca, Jujuy, Chaco, Santiago del Estero, Misiones, Corrientes, Entre Ríos, La Pampa, San Luis, San Juan, Chubut, Santa Cruz, Rio Negro, and Tierra del Fuego.

Since its making, the film that portrays the Trial of the Military Juntas did not stop harvesting good accolades and reviews by the most recognized academics of the seventh art in the world. Weeks ago, the tape obtained two distinctions in the International Film Festival of Venice. In turn, last Saturday, Argentina, 1985 won the Audience Award at the Film Festival of Saint Sebastianan award for which during a thank you speech, the co-producer, actor and son of the protagonist, Chinese Darindeveloped his perspective on the importance of defending democracy.

To add further expectations to the film he co-wrote Mariano Llinas (director of The flower and Extraordinary Storiesamong other feature films), this Monday it was revealed that it was shortlisted to represent Argentina and compete in the category of Best International Film in the Oscar awards from the Hollywood Academy 2023.

In which cinemas in the country can you see “Argentina, 1985”

The largest movie theater chains in the country, such as Cinépolis, showcase, Cinemark Y hoytsthey decided don’t show the film in the weeks prior to the premiere that it will have on Amazon Prime Video. This is mainly due to a disagreement about screening time on the big screen with the “on demand” platform.

However, as detailed on Monday Axel Kuschevatzky, one of the producers of Argentina 1985, the film will be released in more than 223 independent and small theaters in the country. The rooms where the film can be seen are the following:


  • Multiplex Belgrano (BELGRANO)
  • Atlas Little Horse (LITTLE HORSE)
  • Lorca (CENTER)
  • Rivera Indarte (FLOWERS)
  • Multiplex Lavalle (LAVALLE)
  • Atlas Liniers (LINIERS)
  • Paseo Alcorta (PALERMO)
  • Bullrich Patio (RECOLETA)
  • Devoted Cinema (VILLA DEVOTO)


  • Atlas Nordelta (NORDELTA, TIGER)
  • Multiplex Palmas del Pilar (PILAR)
  • Escobar Cinema (ESCOBAR)
  • Helios Dovecote (THE DOVECOTE)
  • Cinema Theater Auditorium National University of La Matanza (LA MATANZA)
  • Victor Show Cinemas (VILLA BOSCH)
  • Canning Multiplex (CANNING)
  • Cinema Adrogue (ADROGUE)
  • CPM Shopping Adrogue (ADROGUE)
  • CPM Shopping Gonzalez Catan (GONZALEZ CATAN)
  • Cinemacenter Varela (FLORENCIO VARELA)
  • Cinema Paradiso (LA PLATA)
  • Cinema City (LA PLATA)
  • Quilmes Municipal Theater Cinema – INCAA Space (QUILMES)
  • Shopping Los Nogales (TRISTAN SUAREZ)


  • Spanish 25 De Mayo (25 DE MAYO)
  • Your Cinema July 9 (JULY 9)
  • Cinema Flix Blue (BLUE)
  • Vision Bahia Blanca (BAHIA BLANCA)
  • Visual Bahia Blanca (BAHIA BLANCA)
  • Bahia Blanca Cinema Center (BAHIA BLANCA)
  • Paris Balcarce (BALCARCE)
  • Atilio Marinelli Benito Juarez (BENITO JUAREZ)
  • Bragado Cultural Center Cinema (BRAGADO)
  • Campana Complex (CAMPANA)
  • Castelli Avenue Cinema (CASTELLI)
  • Spanish Chacabuco (CHACABUCO)
  • Your Cinema Chivilcoy (CHIVILCOY)
  • Spanish Chivilcoy (CHIVILCOY)
  • Metropol Chivilcoy (CHIVILCOY)
  • Colon Theater Cinema (COLON)
  • Cinema Italy, Colonel Suarez (CORONEL SUAREZ)
  • Spanish General Belgrano (GENERAL BELGRANO)
  • Your Junín Cinema (JUNIN)
  • San Martin De Las Flores (THE FLOWERS)
  • Club Jorge Newbery Lincoln (LINCOLN)
  • Italian Cinema of Wolves (WOLVES)
  • Leonardo Favio – The Awnings (THE AWNINGS)
  • Cinema Rosso Lujan (LUJAN)
  • California Sea Of Garlic (SEA OF GARLIC)
  • Paseo Aldrey Cinemas (MAR DEL PLATA)
  • Cinema (MAR DEL PLATA)
  • Diagonal Promenade (MAR DEL PLATA)
  • Ambassador (MAR DEL PLATA)
  • Mercedes (MERCEDES)
  • Ocean Necochea (NECOCHEA)
  • Flix Olavarria (OLAVARRIA)
  • Paris Olavarria (OLAVARRIA)
  • Parchment Cinema (PARCHMENT)
  • Pila Municipal Theater Cinema (PILA)
  • Oasis Pinamar (PINAMAR)
  • Frances Rojas (RED)
  • Saladillo Spanish Theater Cinema (SALADILLO)
  • Italian Salliquelo Society (SALLIQUELO)
  • Cervantes Jump (JUMP)
  • Arenas San Bernardo (SAN BERNARDO)
  • Tuyu San Clemente (SAN CLEMENTE)
  • Palma San Pedro (SAN PEDRO)
  • Municipality of Santa Rosa de Lima (SANTA ROSA DE LIMA)
  • Yanel Santa Teresita (SANTA TERESITA)
  • Tandil Cinema Center (TANDIL)
  • Tapalque Cultural Center (TAPALQUE)
  • Cine Club Barrio Alegre Trenque Lauquen (TRENQUE LAUQUEN)
  • Tortoni Tres Arroyos (THREE STREAMS)
  • Zarate Coliseum Theater Cinema (ZARATE)


  • Alto del Solar Cinema Center (CATAMARCA)
  • Cinemacenter Catamarca (CATAMARCA)


  • Cinemacenter Av Avalos (RESISTANCE)
  • Cinemacenter Resistance 3 RESISTANCE)
  • Cinemas on the Costa Resistencia (RESISTANCE)


  • Auditorium Puerto Madryn (PUERTO MADRYN)
  • Spanish Coliseum Cinema (COMODORO RIVADAVIA)
  • Municipal Auditorium Cinema (ESQUEL ESQUEL)
  • Jose Hernandez De Rawson (RAWSON)
  • Rex Viedma (VIEDMA)Cinema Coliseo Trelew (TRELEW)


  • Dinosaur Mall (CORDOBA)
  • Alta Gracia Cinema Center (ALTA GRACIA)
  • Cinema 2000 Little Stream (LITO STREAM)
  • Sud Cinemas Bell Ville (BELL VILLE)
  • Coop Canals (CANALS)
  • Enrique Muiño Del Monte Chapel (MOUNT CHAPEL)
  • Dino Route 20 (CORDOBA)
  • Cinerama (CORDOBA)Gran Rex (CORDOBA)
  • Sunstar Cordoba (CORDOBA)
  • Atlas Cosquin (COSQUIN)
  • Aida Axis Cross (AXIS CROSS)
  • Elena Cooperative (ELENA)
  • Las Tipas Jesus Maria (JESUS ​​MARIA)
  • Modern La Francia (LA FRANCE)
  • Paseo Cinemas (RIO CUARTO)
  • Cinema Strike Rio Tercero (RIVER THIRD)
  • Ceyal Vicuña Mackenna (VICUÑA MACKENA)
  • Holiday Carlos Paz (VILLA CARLOS PAZ)
  • Gral Paz Villa Del Rosario (VILLA DEL ROSARIO)
  • Eter Cinema Villa Dolores (VILLA DOLORES)
  • Sud Cinemas Villa Maria (VILLA MARIA)
  • Las Tipas San Francisco (SAN FRANCISCO)
  • Las Tipas San Jorge (SAN GEORGE)


  • Curuzú Cuatiá Rural Society (CURUZU CUATIA)
  • Fantasio Cinema – Bella Vista (BELLA VISTA)
  • Cinemacenter Corrientes (CURRENTS)
  • Costa Centennial Cinemas (CURRENTS)
  • Cinemas of the Costanera Coast (CURRENTS)
  • Costa Goya Cinemas (GOYA)


  • Parana Workers Circle (PARANA)
  • Cinema Great Freedom (CHAJARI)
  • Starlight Cinema Digital (COLON)
  • Cinema San Martin (CONCEPCION DEL URUGUAY)
  • Great Odeon Concordia (CONCORDIA)
  • Marconi Diamond (DIAMOND)
  • Boulevard Cinema (GUALEGUAY)
  • Cinema Concept (GUALEGUAYCHU)
  • Urquiza San Jose (SAN JOSE)
  • Victoria Theater Cinema (VICTORIA)
  • Berisso Villaguay (VILLAGUAY)


  • Alpha Jujuy (JUJUY)
  • Annuar Jujuy (JUJUY)
  • Nestor Kichner Palpala (PALPALA)


  • Milenium Santa Rosa (SANTA ROSA)
  • Gran Pampa General Pico Cinema (GENERAL PICO)
  • General Pico Theater Cinema (GENERAL PICO)


  • Cinemacenter La Rioja (LA RIOJA)
  • 3D Cinema La Rioja (LA RIOJA)
  • 3D Cinema La Rioja (LA RIOJA)
  • Cinema 3D Chilecito (CHILECITO)


  • Casino Oberá (OBERÁ)Sunstar Posadas (POSADAS)


  • Spanish (NEUQUEN)
  • Rex Cutral Co (CUTRAL CO)
  • Corner of Los Sauces (LOS SAUCES)
  • Amankay Cinema (SAN MARTIN DE LOS ANDES)
  • Municipal Zapala (ZAPALA)


  • Opera Jump (JUMP)
  • Open Plaza Tartagal (TARTAGAL)
  • Cinema Club Metan (METAN)
  • Oran Culture House (ORAN)


  • CPM San Juan (SAN JUAN)
  • Play Cinema San Juan (SAN JUAN)
  • Cinemacenter San Juan (SAN JUAN)


  • Cinemacenter San Luis (SAN LUIS)
  • Cinestar Merlo San Luis (MERLO)
  • Fenix ​​Villa Cinema (MERCEDES)


  • Municipal Cinema – El Calafate (EL CALAFATE)
  • Mechenien (CALETA OLIVIA)
  • Jose Fernandez Room – INCAA Space (CALETA OLIVIA)
  • Cinema Mothers of Plaza de Mayo (GOVERNOR GREGORES)
  • Desire Auditorium Cinema – Puerto Deseado (PUERTO DESEADO)
  • Cinema Theater Talia Puerto San Julian (PUERTO SAN JULIAN)
  • Rio Gallegos Cinema (RIO GALLEGOS)
  • Multispace Select (SANTA CRUZ)


  • Libertador Casilda (CASILDA)
  • Hope Santa Fe (HOPE)
  • Las Tipas Rafaela (RAFAELA)
  • Recite Reconquista (RECONQUEST)
  • Downtown Cinemas (ROSARIO)
  • New Monument (ROSARIO)
  • Municipal Hispanic Rufino (RUFINO)
  • Cinema Club Alte Brown San Vicente (SAINT VINCENT)
  • Casey Yard Venado Tuerto (VENADO TUERTO)
  • Alavera Vera (SANTA FE)


  • Sunstar Santiago (SANTIAGO DEL ESTERO)


  • Solar del Cerro (TUCUMAN)
  • Atlas (TUCUMAN)
  • Atlas Via (TUCUMAN)
  • Atlas Terminal (TUCUMAN)
  • Cinemacenter Tucuman (TUCUMAN)
  • Sunstar Tucuman (TUCUMAN)


  • Sunstar Ushuaia (USHUAIA)
  • The Rio Grande Cinema (RIO GRANDE)


  • Alvear Cinema, General Alvear (GENERAL ALVEAR)
  • Maiten Malargue (MALARGUE)
  • Imperial Maipu Theater Cinema (MENDOZA)
  • Cinemacenter Mendoza (MENDOZA)
  • Cinema University of Mendoza (MENDOZA)
  • Tadicor Las Heras (MENDOZA)
  • Ducal Rivadavia (RIVADAVIA)
  • Amelix San Rafael (SAN RAFAEL)
  • Americo Tupungato (TUPUNGATO)


  • Spanish Association Five Jumps (CINCO SALTOS)
  • Lorenzo Kelly Cipolletti (CIPOLETTI)
  • Sunstar Bariloche (BARILOCHE)
  • Rex General Rock General (ROCK)
  • Italian Circle Theater Cinema (VILLA REGINA)

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In which theaters can you see “Argentina, 1985”, the film nominated for the Oscars | Premieres in 223 theaters