“Immersive Stories”, the traveling digital caravan to experience heritage in VR

After the success of the Wild x DCX Tour in 2021, the French Institute of Tunisia (IFT) and the Tunisian startup DCX are renewing the digital traveling caravan by expanding it to the 24 Tunisian governorates. For 2022, focus on immersion in Tunisian and French heritage in virtual reality.

The “Immersive Stories” caravan, which will cross the Tunisian regions, offers the public the opportunity to discover 6 immersive experiences.

This tour is a learning opportunity for young people who, thanks to new virtual reality technologies, will develop their appetite for culture and history while having fun.

From September 5 to December 2, 2022, a team of DCX cultural mediators will travel across the country to share with young people moments rich in sharing and emotions. The stages of the tour will be announced on the Facebook page of the Tunisian startup specializing in the promotion of heritage through new technologies and in particular virtual reality, DCX which, in collaboration with scientists, reconstructs ancient cities and creates fun educational experiences. .

The “Immersive Stories” event, the official launch of which was announced yesterday Thursday, September 8, 2022, is carried out in partnership with the Alliances Françaises of Tunisia, the Laboratory of Social and Solidarity Economy (Lab’Ess) and the Tunisia Foundation for the Development.

For these six immersive experiences, three Tunisian and three French projects are on the program, here is an overview:

“Carthage VR” : this is a virtual reality experience that will take you on a journey to Carthage in the 2nd century BC. From the temple of Eshmoun to the Punic military port, setting out to meet the Carthaginians, including the great General Hannibal Barca , to share the secrets of the great City that was Qart Hadasht.

“The Builders” : Sarah Tounssi, professor of archeology, has been conducting major excavations for several weeks in the archaeological site of Bulla Regia near the city of Jendouba. One day, she discovers with her team a mysterious book leading them to a long tunnel at the end of which is a mysterious portal.

For months, no one managed to cross it until a young member of the famous archaeologist Tounssi’s team put on a VR headset… The Builders is a virtual reality puzzle game where two players have to to help in order to unlock the secret of the Temple of History and discover the prowess of the great builders who marked the history of Tunisia with their leap and who contributed to its civilizational richness.

“Fraternity” : An immersive 360° mini-documentary that offers a virtual tour of four religious monuments located on the island of Djerba: the Ghriba synagogue, the churches of Saint-Nicolas and Saint-Joseph, as well as the Fadhloun mosque. This journey through time and space is an ode to respect and tolerance where you can discover the cultural and spiritual richness of the island of Djerba.

“Head to head with the Mona Lisa” : this is a first experience in VR offered to the public by the Louvre Museum, “Head to head with the Mona Lisa” arrives in Tunisia. Through virtual reality visualization, the latest scientific research concerning Leonardo da Vinci’s artistic innovation, painting techniques and processes come to life.

“Chauvet: at the dawn of art” : Virtual reality experience including both an immersive film and a virtual tour of the Chauvet cave, where 1000 drawings adorn the walls of a cavity closed forever. This is a film in which we discover the world of our ancestors and the Chauvet cave, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and whose discovery in 1994 is considered one of the greatest scientific advances of the 20th century.

“Relive Notre-Dame” : An exceptional immersion in the heart of the cathedral before and after the fire. On April 15, 2019, Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris burned down. Nine months later, Notre-Dame is not saved but it is still standing.

“Immersive Stories”, the traveling digital caravan to experience heritage in VR