Havana’s highest authorities exchange with the UNEAC (+ Photos) • Workers

Due to the historical evolution of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (Uneac) and its headquarters, where changes are made to improve care for its members and their cultural activity, the highest Havana authorities came on a work tour.

At the El gran Zoo bookstore, the president of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba, Luis Morlote; Luis Antonio Torres Iríbar, first secretary of the Party in the capital, and Reinaldo García Zapata, governor of Havana. Photo: Raquel Sierra

Luis Morlote, president of Uneac, explained to Luis Antonio Torres Iríbar, first secretary of the Party in the capital, and Reinaldo García Zapata, governor of the city, the paths towards the founding of the organization, which took place on August 22, 1961. , under the precepts of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro and which are still valid today: the promotion of art and literature, attention to artists and bringing culture to the communities, based on diverse projects.

In turn, he described how the Casona de 17 y H became the headquarters of the organization and its different premises. “This is an institution that is heritage, a National Monument, a condition granted by the National Heritage Commission, where almost all the locals tell a story, of what was discussed there, of when the Manifesto was made in defense of culture and revolution, the resolution theses of the Party congress, a workshop that was held during the October crisis”, among others, Morlote mentioned.

Among the spaces that converge in this venue is the El gran Zoo bookstore, where volumes and collections from the three Uneac publishing houses are sold.

Likewise, the Villa Manuela gallery was visited, where the work of the visual arts artist Alfredo Sosabravo, 12 watercolors and inks and two bronze sculptures, is currently exhibited. The gallery is open to the public Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Assembly workshop of the Uneac, preferred by many artists. Photo: Raquel Sierra

Faced with the prospect of inserting visits from students from schools close to the institution’s spaces, the first secretary of the Party in the capital insisted on the importance of bringing culture to the community and, above all, to the new generations, so that it impregnate people and allow them to resist the constant ideological bombardment and attempts at cultural penetration.

During the tour, the next resumption was announced, on the occasion of the 503rd anniversary of the city, of the Hurón Azul, where spaces such as the Peña del Ambia are developed, with more than 30 years of promotion and enjoyment of the rumba, on Wednesdays; as well as the Bolero Night, where, as has been traditional, the best exponents of this genre will attend, said Orlando Vistel, president of the Uneac Music Association.

Morlote and Lourdes de los Santos, president of the Film, Radio and Television Association, explained the characteristics of the Uneac movie theater and the possibilities it can offer filmmakers for screenings, debates and cycles of the best of Cuban cinema and universal.

The artist of the arts Lesbia Vent Dumois exchanges with Torres Iríbar. Photo: Raquel Sierra

Another of the venue’s spaces is the José Rodríguez Feo public library, with a rich collection of references and where, according to Morlote, a large library can be accessed free of charge.

lio film archive, but not Internet services, which work only for members of Uneac.

At the same time, some perspectives were known to enhance the visibility of actions carried out by the different associations that coexist in the space, with live transmissions through the Internet.

At the end of the tour, a meeting was held with members of the Uneac secretariat, including the vice presidents, Marta Bonet and Corina Mestre; Lesbia Vent Dumois, president of the Association of Plastic Arts; Francisco González, president of the Association of Performing Arts; Jorge Núñez Motes, from the Provincial Committee of the Uneac of Guantánamo; Luis Lino Coloma, in charge of community cultural work and Cira Romero, secretary of the secretariat.

Morlote stressed that it is the purpose of Uneac to be a benchmark in culture and education, with schools and the community and to have an active cultural life, for writers to present their books, for musicians to give their concerts, apart from the responsibility that assumes with the commissions of artistic education, the Aponte, culture and society, tourism culture and media, among others.

Torres Iríbar thanks Vent Dumois for their art, commitment and perseverance Photo: Raquel Sierra

The president of the organization highlighted the importance of the exchange with the highest authorities in Havana, since the capital concentrates more than 5,000 of the nearly 9,000 members of the union.

The first secretary of the Party of the capital thanked the affection and the possibility of being able to get closer to the different spaces of the institution and appreciate its value and its great future. In turn, he insisted on the need to defend identity, transform spirituality “sowing culture in places.”

“If we want those stereotypes and that foreign culture, it is not that they do not matter, but that ours is what continues to identify us, that ours floats above everything, we cannot settle for celebrating the Day of Culture, of the worker of the culture or of the Uneac, we have to go to sow that in the schools, in the families”, he reflected.

The Pepe Rodríguez Feo public library provides services, with the exception of Internet, reserved for members of Uneac. Photo: Raquel Sierra

In this regard, he indicated articulating actions that reach “all areas, the media, the school, the institutions, the whole world, so that we can show and penetrate our culture’s genes.”

As he reflected, “if we form the aesthetic taste in the first years of life, in primary school, at home, then, when they have the means in hand, the boys will know how to discern between good and evil.” (Raquel Sierra / Havana Tribune)

Current headquarters of the Uneac presidency. Photo: Raquel Sierra

Exchange with the secretariat of the organization. Photo: Raquel Sierra

Havana’s highest authorities exchange with the UNEAC (+ Photos) • Workers