Guided tours of the Great Mosque Mohammed VI Great Mosque Mohammed VI, September 17, 2022, Saint-Étienne.

Guided tours of the Great Mosque of Mohammed VI September 17 and 18 Great Mosque of Mohammed VI
Visits are free — without reservations
Guided tours of the building throughout the day, as well as a stand for discussions and exchanges. motor handicap; visual handicap mi; vi

Great Mosque of Mohammed VI 64, rue Dr. Henri et Bernard Muller, 42000 Saint-Étienne, Loire, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Saint-Étienne 42000 Loire Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes [{“link”: “”}, {“link”: “”}]
04 77 57 54 21 The Great Mosque Mohammed VI of Saint-Étienne is an unmissable monument, impressive for its purely Moroccan decoration and the finesse of its execution. Today it is a monument of arts and culture in Saint-Étienne.

What if we got to know each other?

Great Mosque Mohammed VI of Saint-Étienne, A citizen mosque, heritage of all Stéphanois

Inscribed in the dialogue of cultures and civilizations, the Great Mosque Mohammed VI is an institution that is both religious and cultural. A space of spiritual contemplation for the faithful, it is also a prestigious architectural monument, testimony to a universal history.

The heritage of all Stéphanois

A true masterpiece of Hispano-Moorish art, the GMSE was built in the thousand-year-old tradition of craftsmanship in the Chérifien Kingdom. Sculpture in plaster and cedar wood from the Atlas, games of geometric patterns in zellige, precious carving in copper… it reveals all the aesthetic complexity and mysterious symbolism of architecture inherited from the Andalusian era.

A place of culture & exchanges

Each year the GMSE welcomes more than 2,500 visitors during the European Heritage Days. It also organizes exhibitions, conferences, seminars and round tables around cultural themes related to living together in our territory.

The Great Mosque Mohammed VI is a civic institution, attached to the values ​​of secularism and the republic.
True ambassador of an Islam of enlightenment on the national territory, it embodies, in stone and in the hearts of its faithful, a pacifist and universal spirituality.

You can visit the Great Mosque of Mohammed VI in Saint-Etienne throughout the year: just contact the secretariat to make an appointment.
Find out! – 04 77 57 54 21


For the comfort of your visit

This institution is also a place of spiritual recollection: if you meet the faithful in prayer, we invite you to go around them from behind and speak in a low voice in order to respect the silence of their meditation.

We remind you that no reservation is necessary to visit the mosque during the European Heritage Days. Visits are free.

Proper dress required.

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