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It’s hard to fault a man that everyone who knows him respects him or at least doesn’t criticize him too much. Well, almost everyone. Look how difficult it is to lead a community of eight neighbors, as if to direct destinies, yes, under the authorization of the king of all Spaniards and the sacrosanct Constitution «Brand Spain«, out of 2,177,271 full-fledged citizens who live in the BAC as someone has said.

If we enter “Saint Google» and put «Ibarretxe«, purple lizards begin to emerge from the screen, insults, outbursts, threats of imprisonment, requests for execution, requests for resignation by Iturgaiz and envelopes with bullets. Repeated the operation with the surname Urkullu Well, there is almost nothing of that, except for the requests for resignation by the aforementioned zero on the left Iturgaiz and of his sonthe one with the bare ass» but that doesn’t count because he asks everyone and the man doesn’t give for more either. Is that good, is it indifferent, is it bad?

Depending on how we look at this circumstance, we can understand that calm and political peace prevail, except in the case of the famous landfill in which the Lehendakari said that “leave me alone” and practically all the government cronies followed him to the letter, highlighting the socialist counselor Arriola (which was hidden in a cell for almost a year). That’s where he had a fucking time Inigo Urkullu as a human being, but managed to close ranks around him at the polls. The comfort provided by the pact with the PSOEbecause he is a very pactful man, it has given him as much stability as the anticyclone of The Azores to the climate, until the aforementioned anticyclone has retired.

The Lehendakari has gone from the concept of widening agreements, which sounds like mending old pants, to weaving agreements that, on the contrary, sounds like doing new things, which shows that his advisers on slogans work well. One of his greatest assets, his appearance, his presence as a polite, respectful man, without one word being louder than another, has been updated after the summer holidays. We don’t know if it is the result of advice from his multiple advisers or a skin problem that prevents him from shaving, but he has returned looking like a leading man from a French movie from the sixties, an Ibizan sailor or the guru of a group looking for world peace through spirituality. It’s a joke. Don’t piss me off!

In December, Inigo Urkullu He will serve ten years in office going through the process of recovering from a nose crisis, a pandemic, the landfill issue, a climate emergency and inflation that throws any budget out of control, starting with those of families. In the “must” of the Lehendakari, each one can put what he considers fair and opportune or not put anything. I point with my finger as a protesting citizen at the decline of Basque national sentiment, the total submission to the powers of the State, the lack of government capacity shamelessly humiliated by the party that governs in Madrid (whatever it may be) and its meddling in the powers received in the Statute, not having achieved hardly any transfers almost forty years later, except for that of prisons or the matter of IM V and just say, in the style of Gilathat “nwe’re going to piss you off one of these days«. The failure of the boycott TAV Basque, the disaster in the defense of the measures taken during the pandemic, knocked down by judges who should have been immediately refuted by the legal team of Lakua, or better raised when taking them. And there will be more bad things. Or less.

Evidently, these setbacks are influenced by the eternal Spanish position of “Basque or water” but which has the aggravating circumstance that for many of the PSOE, PP Y Canevery time the PNV supports Sánchez it is to get something in return”, a phrase that is denied by everything said above. The BAC (at this point I’d rather say Basque Country but the subject is screwed up because this society does not even look like that of the 20th century) it was not starting from scratch in 2010. Much of everything that different murderers destroyed in very difficult circumstances and with an unbearable political situation had already been rebuilt toxic.

If now the good indicators of the BAC are in the lead or above the average of «Brand Spain“, and the bad guys below, a lot of the work for it was done. Yes Osakidetza it works, with its problems, much of the work was also done. If unemployment falls, it is due to correct political administration, but above all to the global economy: Germany is shivering and Gasteiz catches the flu. It is, therefore, something very difficult to assess due to external influence. But that’s what they are for.

The Spanish press (some even absurdly and unjustly distinguished with the title of «Illustrious of Bilbao«) enjoys daily highlighting the bad news that affects Basque Country, which provokes our self-defense logic of valuing what we have, although we must not fall into the temptation of deceiving ourselves by exaggerating. Thoughtful and constructive criticism should be accepted. Until EH-BILDU supports the construction of wind farms because the need to grow is pressing, something that we have never seen before in the political movement of «to all NO«. Yes Sanchez For a few more years we will see them living comfortably in Spain at the right hand of God the Father.

There are no conclusions. Nor reasons for total discouragement or happiness without much justification. Comparing what we have with what is out there, we can find ourselves with a song in the teeth, which, far from it, means an open bar.

I end with the following phrase from “the GOING«: «The Romans were also hot and that’s why they built aqueducts«. Can we imagine for a second our Lehendakari with the white beard saying such nonsense? I do not.

We are lucky… A lot.

Good Lehendakaris – 🇺🇦 The protester’s corner