Good Fortune: the confessions of FKA twigs, muse of the fragrance

Is there anything you love more than a new summer fragrance? For her new perfume Good Fortune, Victor&Rolf, got it right again. Whether it’s selected scents, or the face of the campaign. Inspired by their Haute Couture “Spiritual Glamour” collection, the fragrance expresses modern spirituality. Worn by the singer FKA branches, the fragrance and the campaign are an invitation for those who wish to discover the modern mystique that lies dormant within them. Designed for women who are aware of having a role in creating their own luck, FKA twigs reveals the little secrets of this sweet fragrance that will intoxicate our summer.

Designed by perfumers Anne Flip and Nicolas Beaulieu, this Floral White Flowers fragrance delivers a bewitching and powerful scent. The fragrance is composed of a sweet blend of fennel flower and gentian accompanied by the superinfusion of Jasmine and a base of bourbon vanilla. What offer a magnetic and invigorating alchemy to all women wishing to leave a trace of their passage!

Why are we going to love Good Fortune according to FKA twigs?

FKA Twigs, real name Tahliah Debrett Barnet, is a successful British singer. She perfectly embodies the independent, positive and creative vibe of the fragrance.

When we ask FKA twigs why she became the face of Good Fortune, she answers us ” that as an artist, I feel connected with perfume. I feel all his creativity, and his power that pushes you to want the best. I really like what he gives off, and it inspires me“. Moreover, in terms of inspiration, she explains to us that, for her, ” the scent of jasmine and vanilla expresses a sense of meaning. For me, all the scents of perfume follow the meaning of life, we are transported by several emotions that make us feel good“. According to FKA twigs, what makes this fragrance unique is ” the mixture of gourmet and warm smells, the creativity and the very nature of the perfume, as well as its addictive nature. Clearly, for her, this perfume represents a source of motivation for every day, and to make the best decisions for her life. When we ask her which women this perfume is intended for, she reveals that it is ” the ally of women whowant connect to the energy it releases. It is perfect for women curious about all the treasures the world hides, and who love the natural beauty of things. It is in fact, a fragrance made for all women. The main thing is that it allows us to escape each inspiration“. And if you’re dying to know how FKA twigs adopts this perfume in her daily life, she reveals to us that she applies it in three sprays. ” The first, on the chest and hair after the shower and once well hydrated. The second, on my clothes so that the perfume accompanies me throughout my day. » Finally, when we ask her, why are we going to love this perfume, she answers us that it is « perfect. Made of love and passion, we feel it throughout the fragrance. It is unique, and offers us a personality that we cannot do without.“.

Clearly, Good Fortune is the ideal perfume to let your creativity express itself and let yourself be guided by positive vibes!

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Good Fortune: the confessions of FKA twigs, muse of the fragrance